Eating habits and healthy lifestyle

Food plays a very important role for everyone and different nations eat different meals, but the majority of countries have 3 main courses of meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The usual breakfast consists of different baked products, sweets, tea or coffee. The majority of people have breakfast between 8 and 9 hours. The next eating occasion is at about 12 hours and is considered, as the main one. During this time, people eat different kinds of soups, meat, fish, potato; vegetables and fruits are also very popular. People have dinner at 6p.m, when they return home from work. Such dinner is also considered as a rich meal. People prefer different kinds of bakery and dairy products like cheese, or sour milk, salads, tea or mineral water.

But we can’t eat everything we want, as it influences our lives very much. We cannot buy our health, so we must pay attention to it every day. Active lifestyle and exercises are important factors for health of our body, mind and soul. If you do not smoke, move a lot, eat healthy food and are not overweight, your risk for chronic diseases is reduced by 80%. Sports, healthy eating, wellness and optimistic mood are tips for a healthy life. Movement is everything, whether it is walking or jogging — it doesn’t matter, but they can keep you fit. Regular exercises have the greatest effect. Eating habits influence our psychological and physical condition. It depends not only on what and how much you eat, but also the time and the frequency of the meals There are general tips on how to keep healthy eating habits. You should eat as less sweet and fat food as possible, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Of course it is not easy to keep such a diet, but on the other hand, it has a great effect on your health!


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