Eclipse of Eternal Love: A Celestial Tragedy Unveiled

He: Hey, you know why an eclipse happens.


She: Yes, it happens when the moon gets in the way of the sun.


He said, Do you know why the moon gets in the way of the sun?


She: No, why?


He: Because the sun and moon fell in love with the same girl who lives on earth.


She: That means the moon gets in the way of the sun, so he can't see her.


He said, No, there's a story about why the moon gets in the way of the sun. Would you like to listen?


She: Yes


He says it started when they both fell in love with the princess of earth.


The princess of earth lives in the castle and has never left the castle, so only the people in the castle know how beautiful she is. But in the castle, there was a witch; no one knew about her. She works in the castle, so when she sees the princess, she gets jealous of her beauty and puts a curse on her.

(The curse is that if the princess steps out of the castle, she will die.)


One night the moon sees her; it was love at first sight. The moon tells the sun about her as he describes her beauty. The sun wants to see her; he wants to know about her, who made the moon fall in love. When the next morning comes, he gets to see her beautiful eyes like the ocean, her silver hair that shines brighter than the sun, which makes her the goddess.

The longer the sun stared at her, the more beautiful she became, and he also fell for her.




The sun doesn't want anyone else to see her beauty, and the moon wants to show how beautiful she is.


So the sun tries to burn the eyes of humans so they can't see her beauty, and the moon gets in his way, so he can't do that.




When the moon gets in the way of the sun, the sun asks, Why are you burning yourself in order to protect them? You know how beautiful she is, and if the world sees how beautiful she is, every single human wants to get her. 


And the moon said she is so beautiful that even you want to burn the eyes of everyone.

So no one else can see her beauty, but I want to let the world see the beauty that makes us fall for her.


And if I can prove it by burning myself, then it would be beautiful.


As they both talked about her beauty, she stepped out of the castle. The moment she set foot out of the castle, her heart stopped beating.


She fell to the ground, and after some time, they found out the princess was dead.


The king, as the father of the princess, begs the god, saying she just wants to see the world outside the castle. How can you be so cruel to someone who has not seen the world? If you really want to take a life, take mine, but spare her.


God: A witch put a curse on her—a curse that says if she sets foot out of the castle, she will die.

All I can do is take her soul and ask her to be reborn again, but even if she is reborn in this world, she will meet the same fate.


King: You are a god; can't you remove the curse?


God: For all living creatures, life is a treasure. And the witch sacrificed her life to curse the princess.


King: Can't you do something? You are a god, after all. I would do anything to save my daughter.


God: I will tear apart your daughter's soul and spread it into the world. Every piece of her soul will be reborn, but only one piece of her soul gets the curse, and the cursed soul will be the only one who will die. But when the soul dies, the curse will find another soul of your daughter and will curse her. She will die and be reborn at the same time. Her soul will never leave earth and will never go to the afterlife.


But the sun and moon will find the cursed soul of your daughter and form a beautiful moment called an eclipse.


So the cursed soul can go in peace, but only the cursed soul will be able to see the beauty of the eclipse.


King: Why will the sun and moon form a beautiful moment for my daughter?


God: Because they both fell in love with your daughter, is it wrong to make a beautiful moment for your loved one?


That's why we see eclipses every year.




The reason we can't see the beauty of an eclipse is because we are not cursed.


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