Educational Information about the body

Did you know that your brain can shrink during pregnancy! Yeah that's super crazy. A 2017 study published in the journal revealed pregnant women experience reductions in cortical thickness and surface area in sections of the brain called grey matter.

The study found the brain goes through these changes, which are thought to be evolutionary, during pregnancy to enhance emotion and facial recognition, promote mother-infant bonding, facilitate a mother's ability to recognize the needs of her child and more quickly process social stimuli that may pose a potential threat to her child. 

Your heart rate and breathing can sync with any type of music you listen.

Did you know that bacteria in the gut can influence your mood?! This collection of bacteria can impact neural development, brain chemistry, emotional behaviors, pain perception and stress.

Hmmm about your corneas? Hm let's see... they don't have any blood vessels. Your cornea is the transparent part of your eye that covers the pupil. It's only one of two tissues in your body – the other being cartilage – that is entirely free of blood vessels! Very amazing I might add.



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