Eggplant in the oven

Cut the eggplants in half. Make grid-like incisions in the flesh without cutting through the skin. Brush with a thin layer of vegetable oil and salt to taste. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 180°C until the eggplants are completely soft.

Chop walnuts and lightly toast in a dry pan. Squeeze the garlic through a press. Mix together room temperature butter, cilantro, garlic and walnuts. There are no exact proportions of ingredients here, so go with your own taste. Take the eggplants out of the oven and immediately grease well with the prepared mixture.                                                         

Ingredients for "Eggplant in the oven":

Eggplant - 3 pcs.

Vegetable oil


Cilantro - to taste

Walnuts - to taste

Garlic - to taste

Butter - to taste


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