Elden Ring: PC Players are Accidentally Losing a Ton of Progress Due to Steam Cloud Issue

On the off chance that you wind up playing Elden Ring and not utilizing your hotbar (likewise called the pocket), you'd be excused. The game notices it momentarily right off the bat, however even the tooltip about it is unclear. It took me over and again hunting around the menus to sort out some way to allocate stuff to it. Maybe the game's most valuable element is effectively unimportant

Players on the PC adaptation of Elden Ring are losing a lot of progress because of a Steam Cloud save issue.


Since yesterday, players are sharing the way that they've gone over an issue where the Steam variant of Elden Ring finds out if they might want to download their cloud save or transfer their neighborhood save.


This wouldn't be an issue with the exception of the cloud save is frequently horrendously outdated, and players who neglect to check their information may inadvertently download a save state from hours or even days sooner, losing their present advancement.

Bandai Namco recognized the issue in a tweet saying it is "mindful" of how a few games aren't being saved accurately to the Steam Cloud.


For the time being, the organization is suggesting players read this warning cautiously and guarantee that they pick the latest save state for synchronization. The date and time for the cloud records and neighborhood documents are in the Steam warning and players ought to pick the latest one.


Be cautioned, it's not in every case quickly clear which save state is the latest, so make certain to check the date and time cautiously before either downloading a Cloud Save or transferring a neighborhood save.


You can likewise back up your neighborhood save information somewhere else as overwriting your present save could be extremely durable.

Also poof, I just made Elden Ring a lot simpler for you.


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