ELMS Urban Delivery: Chinese van localized in the U.S. has a replaceable battery

Curb weight of the vehicle is 1557 kg. The van can take on board 952 kilograms of cargo, with a volume of up to 4.84 m³. On a single charge it can overcome up to 200 kilometers. Other technical characteristics are kept in secret. ELMS Urban Delivery costs from $27,000.

ELMS this week announced a partnership with Ample, an emerging California startup that focuses on rapid battery replacement technology for electric cars. Ample and ELMS are working together to prepare an EaaS commercial offer for potential Urban Delivery car owners. We are talking about the possibility of buying vans without batteries.


It is envisaged that car owners will be able to rent batteries, as well as to replace empty batteries with charged ones in a matter of minutes using special stations.

In this case, it is possible to save on the purchase price, as well as not to spend time on charging. This year, a pilot demo project of EaaS will be launched in San Francisco. And a full-fledged commercial launch is planned for next year. 


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