Elon Musk's Ambition to Build a Tesla Factory on Mars Before He Dies

Elon Musk - has some ambitious plans to put humans on Mars .


Now, he says he wants to build a Tesla factory on Mars before he dies.


At a Tesla shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas last week, Musk said that the idea of ​​creating an off-planet factory might not happen anytime soon.


But it is possible to manifest in his life.


"I mean, I want to see it (Tesla factory on Mars) before I die. That would be cool," he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail .


"So I don't know what we'll get in 40 years. Hopefully, before I die. That's great," he added.


Currently, Tesla has four manufacturing facilities in Fremont, California, Sparks, Nevada, Buffalo, New York (focused on solar energy) and Shanghai, China.


While two others are under construction, one in Berlin, Germany and another in Austin, Texas, known as Giga Texas.


The idea of ​​placing industry in space and beyond is not new to the world's rich.


In July, following his flight into space, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos said that polluting industries needed to be moved into space to protect Earth's environment.


"We need to take all the heavy industry, all the polluting industries, and move it into space."


"And keep the earth as a beautiful gem of a planet," Bezos told MSNBC.


"We live on this beautiful planet," Bezos continued.


"You can't imagine how thin the atmosphere is when you look at it from space."


"We live in it, and it looks really big. It feels, you know, this atmosphere is huge and we just ignore it and treat it badly. When you go up there and you look at it, you see how thin it is and how fragile it is." .


In February, Musk unveiled an ambitious plan to put humans on Mars by 2026.


To do so, Musk's company SpaceX is building a powerful Starship rocket (along with a Super Heavy booster) that can carry humans and supplies to the moon and Mars.


Once humans arrive on Mars , Musk said he believes that as many as 1 million people could live on Mars by 2050.


It became a controversial plan to transform Mars and make it habitable.


If the plan works, it won't be the first Tesla in space.


Earlier, in 2018, Musk sent a red Tesla Roadster (along with a dummy known as Starman) aboard a Falcon Heavy rocket.


Currently, the Roadster is about 167 million miles from Earth, according to WhereisRoadster.com.


It is unclear how long it will take to build and run a manufacturing facility on Mars .


But Musk said it would take about two years to build a new plant and reach production levels for the one on Earth.


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