Elon Musk's words about the reality of the matrix were recommended to be taken literally

The philosopher respects Musk's point of view and claims that its unpopularity and literal perception by the common people is due to the fact that "most of the philosophical works languish on dusty shelves in libraries."


 “It is important to understand that the fact that we are in a simulation carries not a metaphorical, but a literal meaning, that we ourselves and this whole world around us, which we see, hear and feel, exists inside a computer built by some developed civilization”, - says Bostrom.

We have to hope that we all live in a simulator, because otherwise ... "- said Musk. The Verge journalist Walt Mossberg tried to finish the entrepreneur's phrase: "Can they restart it?" To this the billionaire replied: "Either we create simulators indistinguishable from reality, or civilization will cease to exist."


 Bostrom published the study "Do You Live in a Computer Simulation?" In The Philosophical Quarterly in 2003.


 In it, the scientist asserts the justice for humanity one of three statements. According to the first, almost all civilizations at the current rate of development will die out before they can reach the technological potential for creating super-realistic video games. The second statement boils down to the fact that civilizations with such technological capabilities are not interested in conducting such a computer simulation. The third statement directly says that humanity is a collection of characters living in a computer simulation.


 Musk is the founder of SpaceX (makes rockets and spaceships) and Tesla Motors (makes electric cars), and also initiated the Hyperloop project (a hybrid transport system from a vacuum train and maglev). He also helped found PayPal (e-payment) and SolarCity (solar). SpaceX has received a NASA contract for the delivery of astronauts to the ISS. By 2025, the businessman has promised to send the first man to Mars.


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