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English is language which is  important language in India, evemorery single person wants to learn English .in present era English has become the most important language. And some wise people compare with knowledge, that means if someone knows English then he is very intelligent, but English is just a language like other language every language as equally important, but it is true without English you cannot fight any mere for enhancing your career learn English is must.
There are some basic tips for learning English,
increase your vocabulary: select five words daily from dictionary elsewhere, and start memorizing. Incorporate this routine into your daily life. The more words you remember, the closer you will come to English. The more you increase your dictionary, the closer you will come to English. To learn any language, it is essential for us to have knowledge of the words of that language. So without wasting time start memorizing 5 words every day
Listening :It is the most important exercise to learn English.learn like a child, A child learns a language only by listening and not by reading. Reading is important but in basic listening is most important for learning. Because when we hear a word or a sentence repeatedly, our brain stores it in memory, and we remember it easily. That's why elders used to say, learn to listen.
Reading: You must include reading in your daily routine, to read in such a way that your voice can be heard Because when you read in loud voice, you will hear your voice. And with this practice, you can also get fluency in your language.
Writing practice :Use writing precise in your daily ration it will improve your spellings and also grammar.


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