Entropia Universe - a game for real money! The opportunity to really make money playing the game

Week 4-5. We study mining (mining).

We continue to hunt, add to the main weapon additional, learn the intricacies. We try crafting and .... forget about it for a long time!

Select additional weapons

Buy mining equipment, adjust buttons to the process of mining

Find the first resources (ores and enmatters), start mapping the occurrence of resources

Study the different markups for different resources on auction, to understand which resources are preferable for mining

Learn advanced hunting techniques and how weapon enhancers work

To get a blueprint with QR(quality rating, blueprint quality level)=100, to try to craft and make sure that for a beginner, crafting is the most direct way to lose money

Make a choice what path you will take next - hunting and warfare or mining

So, you've been hunting for a while now with varying success, your combat skills are increasing, but I don't think you're making any money. But you follow my advice to keep your working capital at the minimum required level, recover your losses through retainer or deposits. You can see your progress in your profession by clicking on the Professions button (Star in the top bar on the right). Also, by clicking the "Skills" button, you can see how much each of your skills has grown.


It's time to get some extra weapons and learn advanced hunting techniques. If you chose long guns as your main weapon following my advice, then additional weapons can be, firstly, pistols of the same type as your main "gun" (laser or bullet) and, secondly, one of the edged weapons for close combat of your choice.


Using pistols is useful because at the same time as you pump them up you increase your basic weapon's damage skills at the expense of the increase in bullet or laser-related damage skills. The opposite is also true - by pumping up the main weapon, you build up the profession level in pistols at the expense of the common for pistols and rifles skills.


On the other hand, pumping up melee weapons is also useful, as those skills greatly affect your strength and health growth. I recommend taking edged weapons as an additional weapon. There's plenty to choose from: knives (shortblades), swords/ axes (longblades), clubs, gloves (power fists), whips. Whips are exotic. I personally don't like whips. Knives and swords/axes are universal cold weapons. They do have the most complete line for any level of development of the player. You can also specialize in gloves, but that's for the amateur. So, either knives or longblades. Swords and axes are slower, but do more damage, and knives do the same damage at the expense of speed. I recommend knives. Due to the fact that the second weapon is needed to finish mobs when he has little life left, and to use the main weapon, causing more damage and more costly, it is impractical. There is a saying: "Shooting birds with a cannon. This is precisely the case. If to finish mob enough lightweight knife c minimal wear, why spend an extra shot of the main weapon, which is much more expensive? The knife is faster than the sword, so if you miss, you will strike a second blow faster. But many people like swords and axes because of the greater single damage. With increasing the skill of hand-to-hand combat you can use two different knives or swords in your arsenal - one, close in damage to the main weapon, and the second, weaker - for the very last "poke", when the mob has almost no health left.


Now a few words about hunting technique. We approach the mob at the maximum distance from which we can get it with our main weapon. We "hook" it with the first shot and continue shooting, stepping back at the same time (by pressing S). When the mob gets close to us, see how much life he has left. If not much, we switch to the edged weapons and finish him off.


If you have already pumped up the combat skills for the main weapon and switched to more powerful "guns", it is important to understand that this damage can be further increased by using amplifiers. But this possibility has a pitfall that you should be aware of. The maximum damage of the amplifier should not be greater than half of the maximum damage of the weapon to which it is attached. Otherwise the Amp will not be at its full strength and will wear out completely. When choosing an amplifier for a certain weapon Anthropedia is very helpful, there is an opportunity to see the efficiency of the weapon with this or that amplifier. Besides amplifiers there are two more types of add-on equipment for rifles, carbines and pistols - laser sights and telescopic sights. To use them or not, you decide for yourself. I use both. Well, now you know almost everything about hunting.

And as a bonus, I'll tell you how to build up your medical skills for free. To do this, you have to offer your services as a medic, faper to other hunters who don't want to be distracted by medical treatment during the hunt. Those lucky ones who have high-end first-aid kits (ModFap, ImpFap), even earn good money on this service. But in most cases, you can only negotiate reimbursement for the wear and tear on your first aid kit. That is, you just get extra medical skills for free, which is also pretty good. When your level in the profession Paramedic (Paramedic) grows enough, you should be concerned about the purchase of first aid kit in case of a life-threatening situation and the need to quickly raise the level of health. For example, in case a monster gives you a "hit" - increased damage and you have very little life left, the next hit can be fatal. And Herbal box can't help you in this case, you need something more powerful, for example EMT Kit EK-2600.


Now we can fight off the various pesky representatives of the local fauna, which will meet us on the way, and this means that we can move on to mastering the mining or mining.

We go to the nearest Trading Terminal and find the Mining section. Buy a "seeker" Ziplex Z1 Seeker and a couple of Earth Excavators ME/01 (a pair because if we are lucky enough to find a big enough deposit, one "digger" can "wear out" before we fully dig it out). We can limit ourselves to one.


But it is not necessary to be limited by the number of purchased "Samples" (Survey Probes). They need to buy at least 50 PEDs. For search of enmatters you can buy less, but we want to try search of ores as well. However, there is no difference between them, except for the cost of one search attempt and the value of found climes (deposits), which is proportional to this parameter.


We also need a "refiner" - a device for converting a raw resource into one suitable for production. The "refiner" is necessary for the miner because in the process of refining, the weight of those resources that are processed decreases by several times. The mined raw resources weigh a lot, and after a while this weight becomes critical and makes it impossible to move on the run. That's when we take out the "refiner" and compress the mined resources, reducing their weight. Buy on the auction Transformer T-104, he is quite economical and its cost is low. You can also buy a limit Demonic refiner (L), it will be enough for a very long time.


Before the miner's run, let's set up the hotkeys so that we can conveniently switch between the miners' devices, and, if necessary, we can take the weapon in hand. An important button for any miner is the current coordinates button. By default, it is the "P" button. With it you can determine the place for the next throw. The thing is that the "seeker" has a search radius of 54m. This means that we need to throw the next sample at least 108m from the previous one, otherwise the search radii will overlap and we will look in the area where we have already searched, and this is a sure way to waste money. We continue to search until we find the clime. We orient on the radar and run to our find. We take the digger, point it at the clime, and start digging with the left mouse button. If we're lucky and the cliff is big enough, then "Toggle auto use tool" function will be useful. Find this icon in Action Library and move it either to the keyboard or to the convenient place on the screen. When the clime is dug out, start searching again.

It often happens that the place where a resource is encountered is located quite far from the teleport, and it is long and unsafe to get to it on your own. Therefore, the miner needs transport. There are three options: air transport (VTOL, helicopter or plane), ground transport (all sorts of cars and hovercrafters) and teleport chips. I prefer the Sleipnir (VTOL), an economical flying vehicle that allows you to safely fly over packs of aggressive planet dwellers. How to use the transport, read here.


And now let's talk about crafting. I say at once, for the beginner crafting is contraindicated. This activity requires a deep understanding of market conditions, large working capital and a readiness for losses. So a good advice - forget about serious Kraft at least for the next six months, or better for a couple of years. But I remember well how I myself could not resist trying to kraft, I know this feeling of "forbidden fruit". So I'm pretty sure that no amount of persuasion and warnings will not stop you in this desire, which will be stronger as you restrain yourself. So the best way to cool down the "krafting impulse" is to inoculate yourself against kraft.


Well, let's give it a try. Let's start with the "lesser evil" - making components. Our task - to choose for the first run such a component of the first level, which would require for the production of the resources with minimal market markup, preferably so that this markup would not exceed 1-3% of the TT-price (the price for which you can sell the resource in the trade terminal). More is acceptable, but only if the market markup for the produced component is significantly higher. A good component to produce can be Simple I conductors, and then Simple I Plastic Springs and Simple I Plastic Ruds as your skills grow. The production of these components uses oils from the hunt, which have a low markup. You can get the oils yourself or try to buy them at a minimum price.


In order not to get a significant loss, you will need to try and buy at the auction blueprint (drawing) with a maximum quality rating (level of quality) equal to 100. It will cost a lot more than the blueprint with QR = 0, but it's better to invest in a "pimped" bp, later it can be sold at about the same price if it becomes unnecessary.


Trying to use a "not pumped" blueprint means that you will spend the same amount of resources compared to the blueprint with max QR, but the percentage of successful production attempts will be much lower. And that means significant losses. Well, imagine that you decided to open a production facility. You could have bought brand new machines with modern technology and electronic stuffing, but you decided to "save money" and took old used equipment. They bought raw materials and started making something. Raw materials are spent, but more than half of the output is defective. Agree, you do not want to work at a loss.


If you want to try Kraft with minimal cost, a good option would be to produce basic filters. The cost of trying these components is only 5 PEC (0.05 PED), and the market markup on lysterium and oil is very small.


Component production is interesting because in the process you get a valuable by-product - "sawdust" (metal residue and energy matter residue), the market markup on them is usually 8 to 15%, and they are in constant demand from more experienced crafters, producing armor, weapons, tools, etc. And this can reduce your losses and even allow you to make some profit if you manage to get raw materials with a minimal markup.


This is the end of the beginner's guide. You need to decide on what path you will take next. What activities will occupy most of your time in the game? Hunting and warfare? Mining? Or maybe you're attracted to manufacturing? It's up to you to choose.


So, you've downloaded and installed the game client, brilliantly completed Genesis, completed all the quests on Thule, and transferred to a beautiful and mysterious world, on one of the planets of the Entropia Uiverse. You are at the very beginning of your journey, and before you take your first steps, you stand wondering what awaits you here. You've been thrown into a big world, given freedom of choice and no guidance. You are alone with a huge world in which one goal is to survive. And you can only survive here by evolving.


Of course, you already know that you can make real money by playing the game. And, of course, you want to find that big shovel to fill your pocket with money. Disappoint you, it's not that simple. Yes, many players do make good income in the game. For some of them, this virtual world - the main place of work, bringing a monthly profit of several thousand dollars. But these people - the professionals who are perfectly mastered one of the gaming professions, they understand and feel the game, they spent more than one year on the pumping of their gaming skills and reached a high level in his business. And you just have to.


It's time to think about what to concentrate your efforts on, which area you are interested in developing, to understand what features each of the professions in the game has. This article is written to answer these questions. You can also sign up for free online training to get more detailed answers to these and many other questions related to earning real money in the game.


In the chat window of the game you can see how this or that player often get big winnings (globes and hoofs) . Do not be guided by this in the choice of profession . Those players who get them have been playing for a very long time, have a lot of turnover in the game and know what they are doing. Well, or, alternatively, they have invested so much money in the game that you better not know, so that insomnia does not torment.


Consider the main game professions:


hunter (hunter)

miner (miner)

manufacturer (crafter)

Hunter in Entropia Universe

hunter in Entropia UniverseAt first glance, hunting in Entropia Universe is the easiest profession to learn. And, as a rule, most players go this way first. Why? First, at the beginning of the game hunt does not require a large investment. Secondly, what could be easier - take the "gun" in his hands, buy first aid kit, wear armor, stock up on ammo, and go! Vybiraem mob on the strength, bang-bang-bang (or vzhik-vzhik-vzhik), and the beast is ready. Take away the loot and run to shoot the next. All practically like any MMORPG, understandable and accessible. One problem - as a rule, what attacks you in the process of hunting with small mobs that you are able to shoot, does not cover the cost of hunting. And on someone bigger, from whom you can get something valuable, you don't have enough power. At the start of the hunter career main objective - as quickly as possible and with minimal effort to build up skills and grow to a level in the profession that allows to get a more powerful weapon to be able to hunt those mobs from which falls valuable loot at a good markup. If you play actively, for a few months you can seriously pump. You can even force the process, "pouring" in your avatar a certain amount of combat skills. This, of course, is an additional cost, but it will save time. Nowadays chips with combat skills are cheap on the market, and anyone can afford it. In short, either you spent in the game enough time and some money to pump, or spent less time, but a little more money, and as a result have matured to a certain level in the profession, allowing you to say to yourself: "Well, here I am and not a nub, something I can. It's time to try something bigger and tastier."


Guns in Entropia UniverseIt turns out that serious hunting requires serious kit. Powerful weapons, good armor with a high level of protection, a good pharmacy - all this costs a lot of money. Not only that, but as a rule, limited weapons with high damage and limited armor with good defense level can cost 30-50% higher on the market than the base TT cost and its purchase turns out to be an expensive pleasure. You want to find yourself a limitless counterpart, thinking to save money on it, and ... there it is ... that feeling!!! We look at the price, do not believe it, rub our eyes ... How much? You've got to be kidding me. At last the hard truth has been revealed to you - hunting serious game requires a serious investment, and the stronger and more dangerous the object you hunt, the more you will have to invest. You'll either have to constantly buy more and more powerful limit "guns" and armor with a high markup, or spend a oooooooooo big sum in non-Russian money to buy a set of top-end armor and top-end weapons. This amount can go up to tens of thousands of dollars. That's a luxury that not everyone can afford. But the absolute record in price among hunter's accessories belongs to top-end ImpFap and ModFap first-aid kits. They have excellent economy and speed, but there are only a few dozen of them in the game, and they cost from 8 to 20 thousand dollars. So, is your enthusiasm waning? Aren't you ready for this? Do not despair, if you want to hunt the most powerful mobs in the game and seriously want to succeed in the hunting craft, you need only one thing - a close-knit team of enthusiastic hunters like you. The bigger your team is, the easier it will be for you. Well-coordinated team play is much more effective than any uber-cannons and super-aptecks in a solo hunt. Judge for yourself, if you're 10 people in a team, and each has a good limited weapons with at least 80-100 damage per shot, your "total shot" takes down 800-1000 health mobs. With that kind of firepower, even armor and first-aid kit might not be necessary. And most importantly, it means that you can hunt the most powerful mobs in the team, the probability of getting something very valuable from them is much higher than from small and medium ones.



Hunt is the most accessible and easy to learn profession at the beginning of the game.

The more you grow, the more money the process requires of you. First, the turnover increases, and you need to have more working capital, and second, the better the parameters of armor, weapons and medicine, the higher their cost. And this dependence is not linear, but exponential.

When hunting for small and medium mobov almost impossible to get something valuable in the loot with a large markup, top things fall, as a rule, with the most powerful mobov.

In the hunt coordinated team can achieve much more success than a single uber-player.

Single-player game at high levels of development requires a very large investment in the hunter's "outfit".


Miner in Entropia Universe

Miner in Entropia UniverseMining resources in Entropia Universe is an activity for individualists and misanthropists. In search of useful and rare resources these people get into the farthest corners of the planets so as not to be disturbed by other miners. If a green dot appears on a miner's radar and the explosions of other miners' trials can be heard in the distance, the miner tries to run far away to be alone with his "seeker" so that he can continue his journey alone. Mein in Entropia Universe is more like a treasure hunt with a metal detector: digging up the treasure is a matter of technique, the main thing is to find it. And if you have already walked through the territory of another "treasure hunter," it is very likely that there is nothing to dig. No one knows how the game mechanics of mining, but miners are trying to avoid each other.


It may seem to the novice player that mining is a more costly affair than hunting. It is connected with the fact that the cost of one attempt to find something is from 0,5 PED when searching enmatters to 1 PED when searching ores (and if you set the "seeker" to search both simultaneously, then each attempt will cost 1,5 PED). That is, a run of 100 attempts will require a purchase of samples worth 50 to 100 PED. Hunting for small mobs requires a smaller amount of purchases per time spent in this activity compared to maynah. Although already when hunting for mobs a little stronger costs per hour of play will be comparable to the cost of one hour majn. And later it will come to the realization that mein - more economical activity than hunting. The fact is that the main expense item in mein is the purchase of samples, which you can always buy in the trading terminal at the base TT cost without a markup. "Seeker" can be bought with a markup, but its depreciation is an insignificant part of the cost of the mine.


mining screen seekerThat is, for the miner, if he does not abuse the "seeker", the costs will always be close to the base TT-cost, he will not overpay the market markup. At the same time, the resources that he is looking for may have a large enough market markup to allow him to mine at a profit. The only question is where to look for these expensive resources. If in the hunt you know exactly who you're going to hunt, and approximately what loot can fall out of it, then with mining everything is somewhat different. You never know what resources and in what proportions you will find. First you will have to put a lot of work and time to scout what resources are found in what areas and at what depth. Some information can be obtained from public sources, some from friends. But still every miner makes his own map, especially when it comes to rare and expensive resources. But even when you already have an idea of where resources are found, it does not guarantee at all that you will dig up exactly the resource you came for. The probability depends on the turnover, on your mining skills, on the depth to which your "seeker" "breaks through" and, most importantly, on how the loot distribution mechanism works in the mine. Here's an example. Yesterday you made a run in the mine and dug in the explored area 50% of expensive resource, 30% of the resource with an average markup and 20% of some garbage with a minimum markup. Today you decided to repeat the approach in the same area, but, alas, got 80% of the garbage in the loot, and only 20% of the average marcap resource. This happens because "EU is dynamic". But in general, mining brings a good income to those who understand it. And if you make an effort to master it, you too are waiting for a successful career in this profession. The basis of success in mining - knowledge of the territory, understanding of the market situation and the ability to bargain, and, of course, the ability to collect and analyze statistics.

What inventory would be quite useful for a miner besides his favorite "seeker", "digger" and sample stockpile? First, there is the refiner, which allows you to "compress" the mined resources and reduce their weight. If you've mined a lot of heavy ore and found it hard to run, get the refiner, and the problem of extra weight is solved! Another useful thing is air transport. For example, the Sleipnir mk1. Move around the areas where there are a lot of hostile mobs, it's better by air. Well, and, of course, the miner still must be able to protect himself. Therefore, some amount of combat skills, a "gun" that can pacify an aggressive mob, and armor to prevent dying in a random fight near an undigested clime are not out of place. The best armor choice for an advanced miner is Jaguar. It's lightweight, but still provides a good level of protection.


When you get the hang of mining and want to build up your turnover and potential profits, you'll have that opportunity. There are a large number of mining "amplifiers" in the game, which are attached to the "seeker", proportionally increasing your expenses and the amount of resources found. But "amplifiers" have a market markup, so use them with caution and try to buy them at minimum price. You can use an amplifier, for example, when you are looking for resources with a markup of 50% or more and feel that a good return is coming.



Don't be embarrassed by the fact that a mine requires more working capital and, as a consequence, more money in your account. The main thing to understand is that the cost of a mine is always a cost at or slightly above the base t-cost, and the return in the form of resources has a markup, and this markup can be very high.

Mein is the choice of singles. Only cooperation through the exchange of information is possible, but only if there is a high level of trust between the miners.

Mining requires the ability to collect and analyze statistics and understand market trends. Mathematics in this field solves everything.

Mining is a profession in which the costs of the game are under the control of the player. Even at a high level of development from the player does not require large investments in equipment.

In the long term, resource mining in Entropia Universe is currently the best choice for players focused on making a profit in the game.

Producer (Crafter) in Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe clothing crafter in his shopActually in any MMORPG, the crafter is the richest character because he produces items that are in high demand by other players, such as weapons or armor. And Entropia Universe in this sense - no exception. Crafters of high levels earn a lot of money in the game. But the way to do this requires a really big investment, a deep understanding of the in-game mechanics of crafting and constant work with the market, both with the buyers and suppliers of resources for production. Production in Entropia Universe is complex and expensive. What do you have to invest in? First of all, crafting skills. And only some of these skills are universal. The rest affect only the production of only one group of goods - either weapons, or armor, or tools, etc. Crafting skills are much more expensive on the market than hunter or miner skills. And to reach a level high enough to craft something worthwhile, you'll have to pour in a lot of skils. Secondly, you will have to thoroughly understand what is in demand, and buy a few high-level blueprints (blueprints) with a high Quality Rating. QR significantly affects the result of production, so high level blueprints with maximum QR are expensive, sometimes fabulously expensive. An attempt to raise the level of the blueprint in the production process will almost certainly lead to a loss. And the higher the blueprint level, the bigger the loss can be. Well, and, of course, the crafter needs a lot of resources for production. And resources have a market markup. If the cost of the miner, as mentioned above, is close to the base tt-cost, then the crafter has a hard time - he has to buy resources for production with a market markup, which can be very high. That is, he must sell the goods he produces at a markup that will cover his costs of buying resources on the market. And this is an arduous task, especially in view of the high level of competition. A sharp change in the market situation can lead to serious losses. Therefore, if he is not his own enemy, the craftsman must keep his hand on the pulse of the market and try to bargain for resources at the lowest possible price.

Crafting interface in Entropia Universe And most importantly - high-level crafting requires a huge turnover. Without high turnover, the crafter will not survive the race with the competition, because the higher the turnover, the higher the chance of getting NLOF (big win), offsetting the costs.

There is, however, a niche in kraft, which allows fans of this activity slowly try their hand at manufacturing without a large investment. This is the production of various components that are in demand by high-level crafters. And if you want to try kraft for a taste, you should start with the components. Choose a component with a high volume of sales (the volume can be seen in the auction) and a good markup. Then check what the average markup is for the resources used in the production of that component. If it's close to the markup on the component being produced, you're likely to make a loss. If the difference is large, you can try. And don't forget to buy a blueprint with a QR close to 100%.

Now a little bit about the positives of crafting. You can craft on autopilot. You start the crafting machine, and go about your business. This is very convenient if you have something to do in real life. When you come back, you can see the detailed statistics of the results.

The most expensive "fun" in the game, requiring an investment of several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars just to overcome the "barrier to entry" into the business.

Requires maintaining a consistently high turnover to achieve positive results.

Requires the highest level of understanding of the market.

Requires complex probabilistic calculations based on production estimates to understand how likely it is to make a profit from the production of a selected item.

A way to try crafting with minimal cost - component crafting. 

In the next article I will tell you about hanteng about swifteng and about meineng, thank you for your attention.


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