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Gathering or sweating is the main way of existence in the game for players who want to play without investing. Some people even manage through sweating to make a small starting capital and gradually reach a decent level of turnover in the game. But collecting the suite requires a lot of patience and a huge amount of free time that the player is willing to spend on this activity. When I first started playing Entropia Universe, I spent over a month doing it before I realized that the time I was wasted collecting the suite was far more valuable than what I earned from it.


But at the beginning of the game, collecting swat is a great activity that allows you to earn your first money and get to know the game and the other players. In addition, in the process of collecting the suite you will grow some useful skills, particularly defensive, that is, you start to pump up, without spending a penny. So it's worth any newbie to try out swinging, and then it's up to you as far as your patience goes. I know people who have been doing it for years and feel great.


What is sweating?

Sweat translates from English as "sweat. That is, sweating is collecting sweat from animals. It does not sound very tempting, right? It turns out that we are offered to collect sweat in the sweat of our faces. But still, the word "sweat", "sweat", which does not arouse unpleasant associations, has been entrenched among Russian players.


Sweat is a unique substance that is produced by most species of animals, but it cannot be obtained from robots, mutants and fish. To obtain the scroll use a special device VSE mk1, which each player gets for free at the beginning of the game. This device is in your avatar's inventory. Popularly it is called "sweat sucker" because of the specific sound it makes while retrieving the sweat.


VSE-MK1 Sweating


How does it work?

It's a fairly simple and monotonous process. To start collecting a sweat, you will need to take out your inventory (to open your inventory press the I button and select the "Tools" tab on the right side of the window that opens) and pick up your VSE mk1, point it at a suitable beast and left-click. It doesn't matter if you're in cursor mode or aim mode, in both cases, if you're standing close enough to the mob, and the aim or cursor is pointed at it, the "swat sucker" will work. There is a way to make it even easier to collect the scroll. To do this, you will need to hover the cursor over the mob in cursor mode, and by holding down the left mouse button, drag the health bar of the mob to any convenient location on the screen. After that you will need to left click on the health bar every few seconds, the "scroll sucker" will make another attempt to suck the scroll every time you click. A successful attempt will bring you from 1 to 4 bottles of scroll. But, alas, not every attempt will be successful. If you do it wisely, you can suck out about 500-700 bottles per hour.


After a while, the beast you are trying to "milk" will sag at you. In other words, it will get angry and attack you until it kills you, after which you will revive at the nearest revive (recovery terminal) with a minimum of health, which will slowly regenerate. After your health is sufficiently restored, you can begin the process again.


If the beast attacks and hits you again during the next suction attempt, you lose concentration, the process is interrupted, and you have to reactivate the "scroll sucker".

If the attempt was successful, the loot window appears on the screen, which shows how many bottles of scroll you managed to suck out of the mob. Do not close it, it is better to move it to the edge of the screen so that it does not interfere with you. The collected scroll automatically goes into your inventory and is piled there.


scroll bottles.


Each beast carries a limited supply of the suite. The approximate amount of allowance you can "milk" from a mob is equal to its hitpoints (health points). If you get this message in the chat when you try to get the suite again, it means that you've "milked" the beast dry and it's time to look for a new target.

Tips for increasing the productivity of the sweater.

It is better to collect the scroll in a group. The fact is that when a mob is surrounded by a crowd of sweat pickers, it attacks them haphazardly, then one, then another, and so on. Therefore, when you do sweeping in a group, you die much less often. And that means that you manage to collect more scrolls in a shorter time.


It is desirable to lead in traditional swinging places, where in addition to players, keeping you company, there are "good people", pumping themselves medical and mental skills. They will heal you for free and place a Focus aura that will prevent you from losing focus when a mob bites you. This will also save you time and give you a performance boost. Remember to thank your focus and healing players by tweeting "ty, tu, tyvm" to them.


Do not try to run away from the mob, continue to sweat, despite his attacks. Don't forget that each mob attack with some probability gives you a gain in defensive skills.


Gathering a scroll can be automated through the use of the very useful Toggle Auto-use tool. Find its icon in the Action Library in the Control tab and display it on a convenient button or icon on the screen so that it's easy to turn on.


If you do scroll alone, find a place with scroll-carrying mobs near the automatic guard cannon. In this case, if the mob is aggroing on you, just run away to the cannon, it will kill him, and you will continue to collect the scroll on another mob. If you scythe on the shore of the reservoir, you can drown the mob that aggroed on you. Just run into the water and swim away from him. He will run after you and after a while drown. This is a strange peculiarity of local animals; they cannot swim.


This is an ideal place for whittling.

Around the area should be a lot of objects for whittling. Nearby should be: automatic cannon, revival terminal. The closer the revival to the gathering point of the suite, the less time you spend to get to the place after the next revival.


Nearby there should be other swordsmen to distribute the damage from mobs, and volunteers to heal and focus the swordsmen. It's also not unreasonable to have 1-2 people with weapons on the team to kill the "milked" mobs, freeing up the spawn for new, full sweatshirts. On Calypso, the traditional gathering places for the suite are Boreas [74370, 67360] and Nea`s place [29340, 35500]. Nea`s place is probably the most convenient place to piggyback.


Selling everything you've gained by hard work.

At some point you have a few thousand bottles of Sweat in your inventory and you can't bear to look at them anymore ("Saw, Shura, saw, they're gold!"). That means it's time to sell. You could say that the suite doesn't have a base TT price. I mean, it does, of course, but it's so small that you could say it doesn't have one. That's why you need to sell your collected suite to other players. In the past the suite was used in one way - it was mixed with Force Nexus to get Mind Essence for Mindforce chips (those things that are implanted in your head and allow you to do different things with your mind: teleport, deal damage, focus, etc.). Now the suite is used in the production of many components needed in production. This is done to keep the price of the suite at a certain level and allow newcomers to earn some money. But still, the price of a scroll is quite low, and you should seriously think about whether your time is worth the money you earn from scrolls.


You can't sell a scroll through an auction, only directly from hand to hand to another player. You can find a buyer in any crowded place. To sell you need to write in the chat room that you are selling a scroll. The price is usually given in PED per thousand bottles. So we open the chat with the Enter button and write: "Selling sweat 2/1000" or "Sell sweat 2/k", then put the @ sign and write a landmark where to find us. @ in English sounds like "at", that is translated as "near, nearby" Thus, your full commercial offer will sound like this: "Selling 5k sweat 2/1000 @ teleport", which means: "Sell 5000 sweat 2 PED per thousand, standing near the teleport. We stand, waiting for buyers, periodically repeating our offer again. To avoid typing it every time, in the active chat press the W button or the up arrow on the additional keyboard.


Finally, a buyer comes to you, you haggle and agree on a price. Point the cursor at him and click the right mouse button. Click Private trade in the drop-down menu. This will open a direct sale window and a private chat window. You put the agreed amount of scroll into the sales window, and the buyer puts the corresponding amount of scroll into the window. Check if everything is correct, and then confirm the deal. Hooray! You have earned a few PEDs. If you are satisfied with the price, you can ask the buyer if he buys the scrolls all the time. If so, you may try adding him to your friends list if he is willing to do so. If you find a few regular buyers for your suite, you won't have to stand around trying to sell your suite in the future.

What else can I do with a scroll?

As I said before, you can buy Force Nexus and mix it with a scroll to get Mind Essence, or ME for short. Mind Essence is more likely to be sold at a higher profit than Sweat, since it's already a final product that's in constant demand. But in order to trade Mind Essence, you need to have some money to buy Force Nexus - at least 100 PEDs. Try to buy Nexus as cheaply as possible. On top of that, you'll need a good refiner, preferably a T-105, to cook Mind Essence at minimal cost. It's not cheap either, but if you need it, I've got it.


You can scrap Welding Wires, which are consumed when repairing vehicles and are in constant demand. But here you have to seriously calculate, because you will need other resources in the production of WW and limit drawings, which also have a market value. If you want to do it, I'll tell you more, crafting is not the subject of this guide.


The price of the scroll. 

Well, here it's simple. Everything is decided by the market. And in the market for the suite is high competition, because many, very many at the beginning of the game collect and sell the suite. For as long as I can remember, the price of a suite has been dropping all the time. Now it's somewhere around 2 PEDs per 1,000 bottles, but there are still those who want to sell faster and drop the price. There is a universal rule of thumb when selling a scroll: time is money. If you stand around for hours trying to sell your suite at an inflated price, even if you eventually do, think about what you could have done in that time.


Well, let's conclude with a little calculation. You'll collect about 500 bottles of swig per hour, which means that in 10 hours of swigging you'll have 5,000 bottles accumulated. If you sell them at a price of 2 PED per thousand, your profit is 10 PED, that is 1 dollar. That's a pittance. Think about it, is it worth working for such a small remuneration? There are many many ways to earn much more in the game, with less effort and with more fun.


But for beginners, swinging is a fun and rewarding thing to do, so swing with us, swing like us, swing better than us!


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