Entropia Universe. What kind of game is this? Is it worth playing? My opinion of course it is! A game with the ability to earn real money. All about this game you will learn here!


Entropia Universe is a complex game. You can make a lot of money in it, but the cost of any mistake is high. Every action you take either makes you money if you do it right, or it makes you lose money if you don't understand what you are doing and don't know how things work here.


In Entropia Universe, knowledge of the game means a lot more than the money you invest. You can invest minimal or no money at all in the game and make a profit with the right approach. Or you can invest a significant amount and waste it in the game.


If you have just started playing Entropia Universe or have not yet started, but would like to get a quick grasp of the game and learn how to play effectively, you have the option.

It is quite difficult to understand, especially at the initial stage, when a beginner tries to play it based on his previous experience. Therefore, as a rule, the attempt to understand the intricacies of the game on one's own fails miserably. I fell into such a situation myself back in 2005, when I tried to start playing Entropia Universe (still called Project Entropia at that time). It didn't work. And only a year later my curiosity and desire to learn how to play the only game with real money turnover (Real Cash Economy) took over. The second attempt was successful, I'm still here, I play with pleasure and I earn good money on it. (How much and how?) And I sincerely want you to succeed too, and we will continue to play together.


I believe that everything in the Entropia Universe is just beginning. That is why I wrote this tutorial. I did it so that you wouldn't stumble at the very beginning, so that you would be ready for difficulties and find the strength to reach the level where the game starts bringing in the drive and money. Read carefully. You don't have to follow everything literally, the main thing is to set yourself goals and achieve them, to learn and grow, mastering more and more subtle nuances of the game, to find the real secrets that others do not even guess. Oh, and here's the other thing. There is no such thing as absolute knowledge. The slogan of this game is "EU is dynamic!" What was right yesterday may be a straight road to ruin today.


When you first enter the game, you find yourself on the Genesis space station (Genesis walkthrough). After you have mastered the basics of control and worked on your character's appearance, you will be teleported to Thule Island at the disposal of Mr. Yoshida. Thule is a learning location. By completing tasks given to you by Yoshida and other NPCs, you will learn many useful things, so it is highly recommended not to skip training (Passing Thule). While going through the missions, try to spend your weapons, equipment, ammunition, vehicles, etc. sparingly. This will give you the first money already at the start of the game, and they will not be unnecessary. You can check at the Quest/Missions Log to see if the missions you have undertaken are completed or not.


Finally, you have landed on Calypso. The first thing to take care of is to join the soc - a community, an analogue of the clan in other games. Alone to survive in Calypso is much harder and more expensive than in the company of friends and companions, who will answer questions, tips and help. How to join a co-op, see here.


The second important decision concerns the pace at which you are willing to develop in the game and what you are willing to do for the sake of it. There can be several general approaches. The first radical approach is that you are not ready to invest a penny in the game. This is your right. You will still have opportunities to develop, but it will require a lot of time, patience, and austerity. Once I went exactly this way, which then, after three months, strongly regretted, but that's a separate story, maybe I'll tell it sometime later.

The second approach is to make a one-time deposit after you are sufficiently familiar with the game, have studied the materials on this site, understand the basics of economics and game mechanics, everything in your head fall into place, and you understand why you need the money in the game. You understand the difference between investments and expenses, between assets and liabilities. This is also a topic for a separate conversation. Only when you understand all of this can you estimate how much working capital you need in the game and make a deposit. (How to deposit money into the game, read here). Once you have the money in your account in the game, you should set a goal that this amount is at least not decreased, and better, increased. To do this you need to strictly control costs and take into account what and how much you spend. If the working capital begins to "melt", you should take steps to restore it.


The third approach is that you are willing to invest in the game on an ongoing basis, periodically, such as monthly. For many people time is much more valuable than money, they have a good income in real life, and for them it is not a problem - to invest $20-$100 in their favorite occupation. Moreover, if we talk about the contingent of players Entropia Universe, they are the majority. These people want to develop in the game quickly, and are willing to put money into the game to do so, sometimes a pretty penny. I'm not talking about "casino players" who bring money to make another "bet", although there are plenty of those here too. I'm only talking about those who understand that bringing money into the game from the real world gives them a serious advantage. These people don't spend money in the game, they make a profit. And the extra capital increases turnover and profits. But I repeat, to invest in the game, you must first understand why you personally need it.


 Week 1. Swiping, exploring the planet, opening teleporters



Collect 5000-10000 bottles of swith, get additional skills in the process.

Join the sots, find a mentor, add as a friend of those with whom you will play together

Get as many teleporters as you can on both continents

Experiment with keyboard settings and shortcuts

Talk to the mission brokers in Port Atlantis. Complete the first few missions (optional)

The first week is the most carefree time. You have enough to do without money, the world around you is beautiful and unknown, you can spend hours running around this endless expanse and staring at the local fauna. After all, if you suddenly get mauled by an animal or shot by a robot, you have absolutely nothing to lose. On the contrary, you will slightly increase your protective skills and some attributes. But don't forget what you have to do.


Like in life, and like in many games, in Entropia Universe there is a certain percentage of players who try to cheat others, to lure them out of something valuable or, conversely, to "sell" some garbage at three prices. You know, they are very similar to those fighters who come up to you on the streets with the proposal to get some iron as a gift, and in the process it turns out that you are just being cheated and want money, as for the i-pad3. Remember, if you yourself agreed to give something away for free or buy some junk for $100, it will only be your problem. According to the rules of Entropia Universe, any such transaction between players is not reversible. So be vigilant! Don't buy anything until you understand the game at least a little bit. If you think you're getting some good offer, take your time, double-check again, ask your friends for advice. I burned myself a few times at the beginning of the game, try to avoid these situations. In general, security issues will be addressed separately in the training. But the general approach - trust, but check, and then double-check ... And then it is desirable, especially in the early days, ask someone else to check you. Does that sound paranoid? But we are talking about real money, sometimes a lot of it. If someone wants to make you "happy" by upgrading your armor or your "gun", what do you do? That's right, you send him to ..... mmm.... Oh, send it to Lutius (this is a local deity, is responsible for the loot in the game). And the right thing is to find yourself a mentor, a player who will take you as an apprentice and will look after you not to do stupid things, and help if necessary.

You need to start navigating the world you are about to live in. The best helper for this is entropedia.info, a large encyclopedia on the Entropia Universe. This site should be your board book, and you should take the time to work with it every day. This online resource in English, but this should not stop you. It's a great way to learn a foreign language and Google will help you. There are several other useful resources about the Entropia Universe.Also take the time to make your game comfortable. Adjust the control buttons as you like, some of the buttons can be put on the screen as icons, placing them at your discretion. Once this is taken care of, begin to collect the suite. Collecting a suite and selling it to other players is one of the few ways to make money without working capital. It requires no expense. And in the first week, the process looks fun and dynamic. There is a special device, the VSE mk1, to collect the scroll. And it "purely by chance" you have it in your inventory. We take it in our hands, point it at the critters, and press the left mouse button. Attempts to collect the suite are not always successful, so repeat the procedure many times. From one beast you can squeeze out a few dozen bottles of swith, so swith until you see the sign that the creature is empty. By the way, if you get tired of doing it manually, constantly pressing the mouse button, then the Action Library has a great button "Toggle Auto-Use Tool" (automatic use of the item you're currently holding in your hands). Another way to make life easier is to recommend the following. Pointing the cursor on the mob, from which intend to suck the suite, and with the left mouse button dragging the cursor on a free spot on the screen. A panel appears, showing the level of life of the mob. Now we just click on it and our avatar will come to the mob at the right distance and make another attempt to get a suite. This method is also very handy when hunting, try it, maybe you like it better. Collect the suite until you get bored. And when you get bored, take a break for a while, and collect again. Mobs will bite you, and you'll have defensive skins growing for free, which is great. After you start to get sick of the process, think about whether the time wasted is worth the money you earned from it. Yes, to make money, you still have to find a buyer for the product. There are buyers, since Sweat is used to produce Mind Essence, which is used to run the Mind Force chips, as well as some other products. The only question is the price they are willing to pay. Before you sell (remember, no rush!) see what price other players are offering to sell the suite for, and what buyers are willing to buy. Try to haggle, it's a market, they don't take money for demand. You can even try to speculate with the scroll - buy cheaper from other "scroll-suckers", and then sell at a higher price. And please try to accumulate the maximum amount from the sale of a sweat. Set yourself a goal of 50 or better 100 PEDs in your account, and don't give up until that goal is reached.

Now about the best place to sweat. You can of course do it near Port Atlantis on Eudoria, but it's better and faster to do it in Boreas [74370, 67360] or on the other mainland, Amethera at a place called Nea`s place [29340, 35500]. The thing is, firstly, there are a lot of jerseys there, which means that the chance of being eaten and losing time to recover is much less. And secondly, next to the clusters of sweaters there are always kind people who pump their medical skills or Mind Force and treat the sweaters for free. In gratitude it is enough to say "thank you" to them.

To quickly move around the map without the need to use vehicles and spend money on fuel, you will need to open teleporters Calypso, preferably all. The coordinates of the teleporters and a guide on how to open them can be found here. It will also be helpful to look at the maps of the Calypso continents of Eudoria and Ametera. The maps show the boundaries of the areas around the teleporters. Why is this so important? Because knowing this information, you absolutely do not need to run from one teleporter to another. When you cross a boundary, simply press the "T" button to be jumped to the teleporter that is within your area of interest. You can also drop yourself under any mob within the teleporter radius, the effect will be the same - when you die you'll be jumped to the teleporter and you won't loose anything, unless of course you decide to wear armor for some unknown reason. If you did, remove it right away, because armor wears down because of mob attacks, and that's more money. And do not forget after you were thrown to the teleporter, still go to him and make sure that he appeared on the map. This can be seen immediately, you will have the corresponding inscription on the screen. On Calypso there are PvP-zones, where you can be killed, and in some even take your loot (but in such areas you will not be allowed just like that, you need a special toxic shot). While you're busy opening teleporters and exploring the planet, try not to get into these areas. That you have entered the PvP-zone, you will be warned about the message in chat, as well as begin blinking orange light on the radar.

Sometimes you can not avoid the attacks of beasts or other hostile creatures, and you were thrown at some "far cordon" outpost from which the nearest village is a long, long way to get out, and around stand a crowd of aggressive mobs and kill you trying to get through their accumulation. This is a very unpleasant situation, especially for singles. But you've already made friends in soce. Ask them for help. Someone will either come up with a gun and clear your way or someone will come after you in one of the flying machines. Actually, the fastest way to open the teleporters is to fly around in a helicopter or a fighter jet. But that's the additional cost of fuel and the purchase or rental of a flying vehicle. And whether to deprive yourself of the pleasure to feel like a discoverer in a wild and dangerous world. It's up to you to decide what to do. And by the way, if you have a Valkyrie left after you pass Thule, you can do part of this round-the-world trip on it.


Second or third week. Mastering the profession of hunter, choosing equipment



Choose and buy a set of armor (Pixie, Adjusted Pixie, Goblin, Rascal, Berserker)

Decide on a weapon specialization, buy 1-2 weapons, pump up the skill of owning these models of weapons to the maximum

buy Herbal Box, level up your medicinal skill to the maximum level for this item

Complete all missions in Port Atlantis (optional)

Scan humans, robots, animals, and mutants

A detailed beginner's guide to hunting can be found here.


After you have most teleporters open and gathering scat no longer seems to be as much fun, despite the fact that it brings additional money to your piggy bank it's time to get acquainted with the hunter profession. And that means that it's time to make your first purchases and invest your first money in your own development. You need to buy an armor, a weapon, a first-aid kit, and you should have at least 50-60 or better 100-200 PED of working capital to buy ammunition and repairs in the future. The easiest thing is to choose a first aid kit. Right now the Herb box from the planet Next Island is out of competition among the entry-level first-aid kits. It heals between 11.3 and 15 health per use, while only consuming 1.305 pec (project entropia cent) at a time. Go to entropedia.info and see how much better it is than the Vivo T1 first aid kit you can buy at the trading terminal. To buy a Herb box we will need an auction. Try to buy it for no more than TT+1 (1 PED more than what you can sell it for in the Trade Terminal).

A richer choice of options arises when choosing an armor. The easiest and cheapest option is the pixie armor. Pixie has an older Pixie adjusted model, which has much better protection characteristics, but therefore its market price is much higher. While almost always any of the 7 pieces of regular pixie can be bought at auction for TT+1, its advanced variant can cost up to TT+10, sometimes even higher. The Adjusted variant is more versatile and ideal for an entry-level player, but it's up to you to choose. If you're short on cash and you really want to start hunting soon, go with the regular variant.


If you're going to hunt acid attacking creatures like Snablesnot, your best bet is Goblin armor, since it's the entry-level armor that gives the best acid protection and costs almost as much as a regular Pixie.


If you want to have economical armor with good laser protection (in case you want to fight with low-level drones), then Rascal is the best choice.


Finally, not many people know that there is an armor that is even slightly more economical than the usual Pixie. It's called the Berserker. The problem is that it's harder to build than the Pixie kit, although it's also inexpensive.


We discussed "anlim" armor, that is, armor that can be repaired. That's its advantage. Its main disadvantage is that when it is badly worn, and you have not repaired it, its protective properties are reduced. That is, such armor must be repaired to the maximum before each hunt. An alternative to "allim" armor is limit armor. Such armor has the letter (L) in its name. It cannot be repaired, but its protection level is constant. When it finally breaks, it must be returned to the trading terminal at the residual value. Rascal, for example, has a limited version of the armor, as well as many types of more expensive armor. There are also a few types of armor that only have the limit option for now. A good limit armor for entry level is the Predator. And it looks nice, too.

Armor plates can be inserted into each of the 7 armor pieces. They significantly increase the protection of your armor, and are quite economical. The boards and armor need to be chosen so that they protect against the specific type of damage that a particular mob does. For example, for Pixie, 2a boards are ideal at first to protect against the initial mobs, which hit mostly with impact. To hunt robots in Rascal, you need to insert boards 3b. But you don't need to overuse the boards. If you manage to heal and don't die without the boards, putting them in will only mean extra wear and tear (decay) and the cost of repairing the boards.


The best way to hunt is to hunt without armor. If you kill a mob easily enough and it does not have time to bite you badly, then it's better to hunt without armor, using the first aid kit to maintain health. Yes first aid kit also "wears off" when you use it, but the difference is that using first aid kit gives you an increase in health skills, and using armor only gives you extra protection. Protective skins will increase regardless of whether you are wearing armor or not.


An additional way to reduce the cost of hunting is swunting, which is a combination of gathering swat and hunting. It's ideal when you can do it without armor. You swipe a mob until it attacks you, and then kill it. Then you heal with the first aid kit and start whittling a new mob.


So, with armor seems to be done, moving on to weapons. Proper choice of weapon is very important, because lack of understanding of how weapons work, automatically increases your costs, sometimes very significantly. First we have to decide what kind of weapon will be our main one. There are only 4 choices: laser rifles/carbines, laser pistols, BLP rifles/carbines, and BLP pistols. Of course, there are many more types of weapons in the game, there are also edged weapons in a variety of variants, there are plasma weapons, grenade launchers, "gauss guns" and even flamethrowers. And then there are the attacking Mindforce chips. But pistols, shotguns or carbines will be your main weapons. So how do you make a choice? Of course, you can develop skills in both bullet weapons and laser weapons at the same time. That's what I've been doing. I rock one, and then the other. But that'll slow you down considerably. So my advice would be to pump either bullet weapons or laser weapons. If you ever want versatility, you can just "fill up" the missing skills. Until then, it's either/or, amore amore 🙂 . Lasers are predominantly slower, but do slightly more damage, bullet weapons shoot faster. But with recent innovations, there are modifications to the faster firing laser "guns", and more powerful BLP weapons for different levels. These modifications are usually made on other planets and brought to Calypso. Conclusion: try laser and bullet weapons and choose which you personally like better. I personally like bullet weapons.The second dilemma is either shotguns and carbines or pistols. Pistols hit short range but shoot faster, shotguns are slower but shoot farther. Carbines are somewhere in between, closer to shotguns. For a basic weapon, shotguns/carbines are a more versatile choice. They allow you to start shooting at a target at long range and do a lot of damage to it before it gets to us and starts attacking us. I wanted to be a "universal soldier," so I also pumped pistols, but in the end I can assure you that my highest skill is in long guns.


And now - the most important thing!!! When choosing a weapon, it is critical for you to consider how well it fits your particular level of development. In order to understand how much the weapon suits you, you need to right click on the item info in your inventory (or at an auction) and then select Show Detailed Information. Find the Hit ability and Critical hit ability parameters. When both of the parameters equal 10/10, this means that you can use this weapon with the maximum efficiency.

Now you need to make an important decision, whether you will develop skills as quickly as possible, or prefer a slower but more economical way. For maximum growth of skills you need to use a weapon that has SIB (Skill increase bonus). If the weapon has SIB, look at the Learning period damage and Learning period hit. If each of them has YES value, you can use a Skill increase bonus on this weapon. It means that your combat skills will grow much faster when using this weapon. Note that Hit ability and Critical hit ability values are far from maximum. Conclusion: for the fastest possible development of combat skills use weapons with available SIB, and for the most economical hunting use weapons with hit ability/critical hit ability values of 10/10. I usually started to use more powerful weapons when the SIB was still available and the HA/CHA was around 8.


If everything is clear with this, then now we need to open the auction and choose the "gun", which corresponds to our main combat specialization and fits us in the chosen type of pumping (economical or forced). To know what to look for in the auction, check the weapons section at entropedia.info. Your old weapons can be a reference point. Do a sort by dmg/sec column, find your old "gun" and look for those weapons that have slightly higher damage than yours. Once you've chosen, go back to the auction and purposefully look for what you've chosen, check for SIB and HA/CHA and buy. See how to buy correctly here.


Now go to any Trade Terminal and buy ammo for your weapon type (BLP or Laser) for between 30 and 100 PEDs.


That's it, you're ready for your first hunt. The question arises, what to hunt? You can practice on the weak mobs around Port Atlantis. If you are a little pumped and they seem to be too easy, you can shoot young snables (snablesnot young), young daikiba (daikiba young), combibo (combibo young). Choose a mob on the shoulder and find out where it lives, you can, referring to the now native and understandable Entropedia.


It should be noted that Entropia Universe does not have any permanent reference points, including the question of who to hunt. For example, until recently, the best creatures to pump were the inhabitants of Arcadia (Planet Arkadia) with the funny name Box (SagaBock) and monsters Rocktropia (Planet Rocktropia) Cyber Street Vixen, because in the process of their extermination combat skills grew with great speed. But we'll stay on Calypso for now.

To find out what a person or a mob (beast, robot, mutant) is, you can use a scanner. The most economical are the Chikara InvestaFoe ES400 and ES500 scanners. But you can also use the ES100, which is sold at the Trade Terminal, to get started. Hold the scanner in your hand and point it at the object you want to scan, then click the left mouse button. The game will give you a window with information about the object. Why rock scanning skills? There's no exact answer to this question because it's not known what and how they affect it. And the process of scanning wears out the scanner, that is, when scanning we spend money. To do this or not, I leave it to your discretion. I myself pumped the scanner skins. There is an opinion that some of them affect the likelihood of rare things in the loot, but it is absolutely unproven information. If you do not want to spend money, just try it a few times, and return the scanner back to the trading terminal.


An important note about hunting small mobs. Don't expect this process to bring you any profit. It is almost guaranteed to bring you a loss. Your task is to minimize these losses by combining hunting with swinging and by economical use of weapons, armor and first-aid kit. Speaking of the first aid kit. In principle, the health gradually recovers by itself, but it happens very slowly. Therefore it is necessary to use it, but it is not necessary to be healed to the full maximum, just keep the health level high enough, so a couple of attacks of mobs did not lead to the fatal outcome.


So, while you're pumping combat skills on weak monsters, with few exceptions you lose money. Collected from mobs loot at best will cover your costs, and at worst - will not. After an unsuccessful hunt you should stop for a while and think about how to restore the working capital reserve. Whether it's swinging, a small deposit, or something else, doesn't matter. What's important is that you keep a reserve of working capital.

The process itself of collecting loot from killed mobs is quite simple. When the enemy is defeated, come close to him, switch to cursor mode (press Space bar) and left click on his body. The loot window will open, showing what you got. Also information about what and how much you got in the loot is displayed in the chat.


Well, happy hunting!


P.S. Do not sell the loot obtained in the TT (Trade Terimnal). Sell to other players at least with a small markup. The percentage of market markup (markup) can be found by clicking on the item in your inventory and then in the window of information about the item click on the button that shows a graph of the price. And for more accurate information you should study the offers on the auction.



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