Epic Games has banned users from Belarus from buying games in its store

Epic Games no longer allows Belarus users to purchase games from its online store. The problems were reported by readers of dev.by.

When trying to buy a game in the Epic Games digital store from Belarusian accounts in the store, an error appears: "We're sorry, but you can't make purchases from your account."

The error appears only when trying to make financial transactions in a store, while free giveaways of games for Belarusians are still available.

The ban may be related to US export restrictions. Epic Games' website states that in-store purchases are not available for "regions under the export restrictions of the United States." In August 2021, Belarus was included in the "black" list.

Epic Games Support did not respond to a source request for comment.

In September, there were reports that Xiaomi was remotely blocking smartphones in Crimea and other regions that are under US export sanctions. The company later explained that it was a "temporary measure" to combat the illegal import of devices.


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