European companies complained about overnight messages from Chinese authorities

The European Union (EU) Chamber of Commerce has called on China to improve measures to deal with the energy crisis. Companies complain of messages in the middle of the night from Chinese authorities asking them to stop production the next day.

Representatives of the EU Chamber of Commerce said that companies sometimes receive notice of the need to shift shifts at factories as little as an hour before the start of the working day. "We need better interaction with the government to help our companies deal with the situation," the head of the organization said. - We're not asking for privileges. We're just asking for clarity."


The chamber asked the Chinese government to revise the mechanism for deciding which companies should cut or stop production. The authorities were also asked to better inform companies about possible restrictions.

The Chinese government is trying to find a way out of the energy crisis. The cabinet has already allowed electricity prices to rise 20 percent above the benchmark, although the limit is 10 percent. Nevertheless, the European Chamber of Commerce expects energy shortages to continue until at least March.


The energy shortage has already hit the Chinese economy. In September, export growth slowed to 21 percent from 2020, down from 25.6 percent in August. Imports have also fallen, up 20 percent in September from a year earlier, compared with a 33.1 percent increase in August. The energy shortage is due to the country's transition to clean energy sources, rapidly growing demand and high commodity prices.


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