Europeans were offered to exchange old electronics for beer

A British pub Trade-Inn offered its guests to pay their bills with unwanted electronics. Europeans will have to give their old electronics for beers and snacks and the bar will repair or recycle them for itself, writes Euronews.

To exchange for drinks in Trade-Inn it is possible to 14 thousand kinds of equipment, including smartphones, TVs and refrigerators. The campaign is organized jointly with the company Spring, which has installed 250 machines for recycling electronic waste in Britain and intends to reduce the amount of electronic waste in the country. Ecologists estimate that Britons throw away the most appliances - 1.6 million tons - annually among all Europeans. The value of this waste would be enough to buy everyone in the country eight pints (4.5 liters) of beer.

The government's Environmental Audit Committee found that there are about 20 old unused appliances per average UK household. Most are incinerated, landfilled or illegally shipped overseas, which is detrimental to the environment.

The problem of electronic waste is getting bigger every year, as is the volume of discarded equipment. Scientists estimate that the weight of gadget waste in 2021 will reach 57.4 million tons - about as much as the Great Wall of China weighs. Experts estimate that electronic device landfills will continue to grow, and by 2030 the total weight of waste will exceed 74 million tons. Researchers believe that the negative trend is due to the annual growth in demand for technology, short product life cycles, and poor compatibility with repairs.


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