everyday tips to get in shape

Bet on a good breakfast

With foods that "wake up" such as fruit, eggs and wholemeal bread.

Eat well

Three balanced meals a day are a good basis for feeling less tired.

Dine light

In the evening, we avoid eating too much. Otherwise we digest badly and it is difficult to fall asleep ...

Avoid meat

For better sleep, avoid meat for dinner, as well as industrial products and ready meals.

Turn of your screens

Close your computer, tablet and laptop at least 2 hours before going to bed. Their blue light delays falling asleep.

Renew the air

Opening your bedroom window a few minutes before bedtime helps you fall asleep.

Air your office

In the office, instead of air conditioning, open the windows instead. This allows you to concentrate better and therefore to feel less tired.

Respect a digestion time

After dinner, allow yourself at least 1 hour and 10 minutes before going to bed.

And why not alternative medicine?

Many anti-fatigue solutions exist on the side of alternative medicine. Sophrology, meditation or yoga ... allow you to relax and better understand the night.

Help yourself with vitamins

Sometimes a little vitamin boost may be needed. Ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice.

Avoid snacking

For less fatigue, avoid skipping meals and / or snacking.

Get moving!

Even without being a great athlete, try to exercise a little bit every day, especially in the morning.

Say yes to light therapy

Regular light therapy sessions can be very effective in stimulating you in the morning.

Squeeze lemons

A little help? Instead of a coffee, a soda or an energy drink, prefer a squeezed lemon juice.


If, with a healthy lifestyle, you still feel tired, do not hesitate to consult your doctor!


Do you feel tired, your batteries flat, without knowing why? There are many reasons that can explain the rise of the day ... especially when temperatures drop, since our body is more vulnerable to tiredness and stress. Poor quality sleep is also explained by a poor hygiene of life. What should you avoid if you want to be in good shape all day long? A diet that is too fatty before going to bed, skipping a meal, exposing yourself to the blue light of screens shortly before going to bed ... Conversely, to give yourself a little pep's during the day, there are whip foods and some anti-tiredness techniques to know: squeezed lemon juice, exercise regularly, air your room a few minutes before bedtime, start light therapy during the cold season ...


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There are a multitude of diets intended for weight loss. Among the best known, we find the high protein diet, the monodiet or hypoglucidic diets. However, despite achieving short-term weight loss goals, these diets do not offer lasting results. Indeed, the best diet to lose weight remains the combination of a diet with high nutritional value, regular physical activity and being in good health.