Everyone is excited about the Squid Game series. Here's why. From Netflix.

On September 17, the South Korean series "Squid Game" was released on the streaming platform Netflix. It was directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyeok.


The series has gathered a lot of positive reviews and top positions in the world charts, and the hashtag #squidgame has already been viewed 25 billion times in tiktok. It looks like "Squid Game" will become Netflix's most successful web series, surpassing "The Bridgertons" and "The Witcher." That's why it's so beloved.


The plot of the series is very typical of the genre. The characters, due to their difficult financial situation, agree to compete in the show for a prize of 45.5 billion won ($38.5 million). In the first contest, the contestants are horrified to realize that if they lose, they will die.


The "Squid Game" contestants are forced to play a child's survival game. Each generation has its own dystopia - the series promises to become "The Hunger Games" or "Lord of the Flies" for the Zoomers. The candy picture and the ruthless script hint at the infantilism of the modern world, in which even a bloody massacre can pass for a colorful show.


Drama in Korean

Over the past two years, the popularity of K-dramas on Netflix has skyrocketed 200% among American audiences. Known for its love of blood and violent plot twists, Korean filmmaking has a strong foothold in Europe and the United States. Just think of the first Korean Oscar-winning film, 2019's Parasites, where the theme of social inequality is sharply seasoned with black humor.


It's a smash.

067, or Kang Se-Beok, is a refugee from North Korea who seeks money to save her family. The charismatic and taciturn heroine has quickly become a new crush for fans of the series. The role is played by South Korean model Ho Eun-jong, a 27-year-old "Top Model Korean" finalist who is predicted by Vogue to be internationally acclaimed.


Me, when I watch a scene with Sae Baek.


Why does Sae-Beck look so cool in a costume?

A lot of people were disappointed by the fact that Ho Eun Jeong has been dating a guy for 6 years.


I feel bad, I mean she's dating someone.

Ticktock Trend

"Red light, green light" is a children's game that begins the nightmare of the characters in the show. At the command "green light," the players have to run. Whoever fails to freeze at the "red light" is eliminated. Ticktockers loved the deadly game to the sound of a Korean children's song.


If I'd played "The Squid Game,"

Loved the second game of the series, where you have to burn the outline of dalgon - Korean caramel cookies - so as not to break it


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