Ex-deputy's son could have been at the wheel of the Tesla that crashed in Moscow

It is known that while driving at high speed on the highway near Prokshino metro, at 5:50 p.m. the electric car crashed into a pole and caught fire.


The driver managed to leave the car, but according to "MK", the young man was badly injured - contusions to the sternum, left forearm and hip.Media suggests that in this way he wanted to hide his relationship with the former deputy of the State Duma.


At the same time, the official owner of the Tesla may be the same Ivan.


It is known that four years ago, the electric car belonged to an expert in luxury interiors, and it was Alexander Skorobogatko who insured her Tesla.He refused medical assistance on the spot, but later still accepted medical help.


A number of media pointed to the young driver as the son of billionaire Alexander Skorobogatko, 21-year-old Ivan.


However, according to the traffic police, the driver himself called himself Alexei under another surname, similar to Skorobogatko.Media speculate that it was this car that got into the accident the day beforeTopnews previously reported that the "Paradise Dossier" found Russian businessmen who are hiding from the luxury tax. Among them was a former Duma deputy Alexander Skorobogatko.


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