Fabio, pecco and marquez will be strict next season!! "Exclaimed franco morbidelli"

Buddy on gp emilia romagna (misano ii) franco morbidelli (the energy monster of yamaha) has sustained unsatisfactory results. He finished 14th in view of his poor physical condition and his knee still recuperating after an operation that took place last summer. However, morbidelli said that he would enjoy misano's weekend because yamaha had already shown the speed at which it was a sure step forward for him and yamaha yamaha

 "I'm happy for this weekend, we've taken a step forward from a speed standpoint and I'm very happy about this. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to finish the 100km race because I have to make up here and there, and I'm getting tired. Anyway, we've taken a step forward and I'm happy, the team has done a fantastic job. We have organized the bike very well "says franco morbidelli via motosan.


Furthermore, morbidelli did not forget to offer his congratulations and claimed his joy at the success of the quartararo which was able to lock the world title before the final race of the season.


Very happy for him (fabio) and for the team, but when a teammate wins the title, you never enjoy it, it's something you can do with a little bit of enthusiasm, but enjoying it is something else. We're not friends, but we respect each other very much and you can see that he's a good man. The team's been doing a great job with fabio, they deserve this championship. Fabio is very fast, team is phenomenal, congratulations to all the yamaha "he added.


 Then franco morbidelli reminded him that the next season the motogp riders will be more difficult and challenging because there are three very competitive riders, Pal quartarao, bagnaia, and marc. He also really hopes to compete with them next season the competition "lt'll be a great fight with quartararo, bagnaia, marquez, and I hope to be there too


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