Faith has been stolen from us

Faith has been stolen from us.

It has been replaced by something insignificant, unprovable, and therefore unimportant and unimportant in our lives. If you believe in something, it does not mean that it is so. Belief is something from religion, and there is no proof at all. Where is the definition of believing or not believing, and why believe in anything at all? And if it's important, how do I start believing? And dozens of other questions...

We live in an upside down world where all fundamental values have been suppressed. And faith is the foundation. It is the beginning of all beginnings. And I'm not talking now only about faith in God, because faith is much broader than that. It is one of the degrees of freedom, of which we have only three. Without the concept of freedom the topic of faith is incomplete, so we'll talk about it in the next issue, but for now I want you to at least try to understand what faith is. And for starters, just trust me.

Trust. Before faith. That which precedes faith. That first step from which faith grows. This is the stage when you are most dependent on trusting authorities for faith formation. The first years of an infant's life are the unconditional authority of the mother. Learning at school - the authority of the teacher and textbooks. Further on, there are constant authorities in the form of people or generally accepted attitudes to which we develop trust. And it occurs at a subconscious level. Because belief is also a feeling. And while your conscious mind is not engaged yet, somewhere deep down in there you already have a feeling: "Yes, I believe in this. And even if I were to fall to pieces, I couldn't describe to you what that feeling is. No one can. Except you. Yourself. But you know you have it, don't you?

Blind faith comes from here. I can assure you, it is not yet a full faith. It is only an unquestioning trust in some authority that has not been confirmed by your personal experience, not passed through your analytical apparatus. Has everyone heard the phrase "gullible fool"? Note: gullible, not believing...

So, when trust has arisen and has been supported at least twice by your experience or proved to yourself by analysis consciously, that's when that very faith arises. At first weak, insecure (remember this word). Because faith formation is a process. And faith has its coefficients. And the apex of this process, the maximum coefficient is confidence. Faith has it. That is, I am deep in her. She has me. Completely. Without a trace. It's also called "conviction."

And how do you reach these heights of belief? And what is the main thing - why? Let's look at it in order.

I have already answered the first question: through knowledge. Through the connection of one's consciousness. Through cognition. Through awareness. Because knowledge is, to some extent, synonymous with conviction. When you get a confirmation of something you trust, you start to believe, and with each new confirmation the coefficient of your belief grows and grows into knowledge. When you know something, you no longer believe it, you just know it. Or sure. We begin to believe or know something only after repeated verification. And that knowledge becomes the basis for new knowledge.

But remember what I said about the world of lies? Add to that the pandemic of ignorance. Modern man does not want to acquire new knowledge. Expand their horizons. Filling his worldview with new images, giving him a greater toolkit for learning new things, for analysis, for distinguishing those images that correspond to reality...

As a result, the worldview is initially filled with false images. And so, time after time burning on the next authority, on the first step of formation of belief, becoming again and again "credulous fool", he does not make the next step. And it does not come to belief.

Ignorance breeds unbelief, uncertainty, insecurity. And worst of all, insecurity. And insecure people don't live their lives. Do not believe anything, constantly doubting and losing its meaning.

And now you can answer the question, "Why believe?"

But first answer yourself this question: "When you are convinced, do you need to prove something? And how do you act, in a state of conviction?"

"According to your faith let it be to you" is the quintessential meaning of the book known to all. And even if you, my friend, are a burned-out atheist but haven't lost your conscience, analyze your life and see-you have exactly what you believe. And if what you have doesn't satisfy you, you have the freedom to believe in something else. How? I've already told you.

What, you may ask, do you believe in? Well, paradoxically, for starters, in faith itself. In its importance in everyone's life. After all, faith is not something narrowly focused. It touches all aspects of our lives. Our freedom of choice is based on faith! And the more of it there is in every moment of choice, the more confident you will be in standing on your feet and looking forward to tomorrow, the more whole you will be.

And you are your life.

Faith in intelligent design will give it meaning.

Faith in yourself will give you the strength to realize that meaning.

Faith in others will give you and others support.

Faith in what you are doing will help you reach the end.

Faith is the fuel that gives you the energy to act. It is what sets everything in motion. It's the sex.


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