False accusations and fake photos of beatings: Johnny Depp defeated Amber Heard in court

New details of the development of events in the long-term struggle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have become known. The day before, the actor won another victory in court and proved his innocence. After a high-profile breakup in 2017, Amber accused the ex-spouse of domestic violence, beatings and regular outbursts of aggression. Then, as evidence, she provided photographs showing the beatings.


 However, now the court has allowed Johnny Depp to use the data from Heard's phone to prove that the bruised pictures are a fake story. By the way, the actor's lawyer, Benjamin Chu, said that it was these shots that Amber provided as the main evidence. According to the actor's lawyer, when the police arrived to call Amber Heard, they did not find that she was severely injured. And the neighbors claim that they did not hear any screams between the ex-spouses.


 Now the court allowed the actor to find out where these pictures came from. "Amber and her friends faked the pictures," Depp's lawyer confidently told Page Six. The actor's fans are eagerly awaiting the complete removal of the charges and his return to the big screens. After the high-profile scandal surrounding Depp's accusations of domestic violence, many companies, including Disney, turned their backs on the actor. The actor's participation in the fifth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was his last. Despite the fact that the role of Captain Sparrow brought billions of dollars to the saga, the company refused the appearance of Johnny Depp in part 6 of the picture.


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