False Prophets, part II

Moments of pleasure became anguishing, a truth dominated my insides, it was the Game of Life, in its supremacy being reinvented, who could count on the friendly word, if everyone, in their rhetoric had my essence, like a lunatic, a mentalist, who went in and out of psychiatric clinics, in search of a truth, which happened all the time, while the people around me were unraveling the wisdom of this game, I was resolute, in doubt, such events were superficial, I didn't want to be a genocide in complete despair of his existence, But the hemispheres were contaminated by a game even more satanic than invisibility and the silence of those who seek answers. They were the voices of those gifted by Christ, not by privilege, who also fell asleep in the electronic entanglements, it wasn't only capitalism, having possessions, it went beyond the intellect, it was escape routes, not only in narcotics, but I don't want to denote the plausible existence of spiritual elevation through substances, it happens, that everyone was in a labyrinth, longing for answers, the most transcendental questions that happened on that occasion, the game started, in the musicality, of a singer, outdated and yet contemporary, immortal, yes, the immortals also longed for these answers, they were the ones that changed the form of human thought, I couldn't blame my family members, even in my limitations, I always wanted to know who was in control, as strange as it may sound, in controlling the thought of a human, there really was no one in control, today the game is released little by little, according to the truth and individual understanding of each, that being, who made humanity rise to the third heaven, was the same as in previous lives, obtained the glory by obtaining the supra angelic evolution, today on Planet Earth, stabilizes all distortion, of those who crave the black blood and money with the odor of sulfur, of putrefaction.

The faces were happy, but, at the same time, there was a falseness that hovered in the air, it was the youth getting lost among the narcotics that life offered, in a tribute to Satan, for those who would believe, that he most likely would be the solution, hell was raging, we all lived in the capital molestation, being ridiculed for not having a ballot that expresses abstract values, for a while I tried to name or explain what people would call simply life, but I was going beyond, it wouldn't be a philosophical or metaphysical treatise, the youth had really become corrupted, they wanted easy capitalist merits, if there was a master demon, it was money, to which people did the worst atrocities, killed children's dreams, judged simple plural errors, renowned academics.

There really was some reason in this whole speech, it was the insightful, introspective, of a person who got deeper and deeper into consciousness, after reading a report at the end of a book, where the person was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, what would be the cause, of the prejudice of insanity, Today, in a hovel, I unravel the knowledge of millennia, I no longer feel my heart beat, the cerebral mass is no longer interconnected to the vision accompanied by speech, I feel difficulty in giving continuity to an exhausted speech, I look up to Heaven, I feel a greenish tone never perceptible in times past, I feel that a new era begins in society, I am not simply that monster that the servant of the state, biting with rage for a doctrine that they cannot explain, defending their few scraps of gold with a rifle in hand, while my person, I feel severely persecuted, by a society that devoted to black magic, to steal a truth that would come out with time, the truth I tell you is of a system, that if a leaf falls to the ground, it is continuity of divine thinking, in the introspection of our consciousness.

In these banal errors, I feel a strange sensation jumping out of my essence, an energy, that yes, this I say would be madness, an indescribable sensation of horror, of spinning from one side to the other repetitively, in an infinite cycle, this energy no longer invades my insides, for you are aware that it was everything bad that society desired, death, mine, without salvation, without glory, death for Christ, this sensation was not delayed for long, it was an energy that expelled in a single instant, decimating, without leaving residues, everything putrefying that one day had been.

Good fluids now surround, as well as the relative truth that every moment becomes absolute, aligned the spiritual energies in the physical bodies, which the satanic game misaligned and directed to the precipice, just to serve as news, to generate profits for the media, not only to know ourselves, It was the viscera ruminating for the plate of future food that could be missing, but the God who provides everything told us not to worry about tomorrow, and the word chanted in childhood, repeated for eternity in the voice of another singer, we would be fakes if we did not know our essence, we would not go back, but now that being that was severely persecuted, flogged, humiliated, exalted among all nations today and tomorrow, until eternity, until he sat at the right hand of the Superior, today his energies that were out of balance, united in a single purpose, coming from the spiritual reward, he no longer worries about tomorrow's bread, because if it is his will, people go to the grave, governments are decimated, and the deity that he observed awakened in a dreamlike way, intoned his phonemes, awakened the other deities that were beside him, in this battle, from a simple natural element in the universe, to a life form to come with permission granted from on High, now free, they have the plans for human evolution.

The narcotics no longer exhausted his protection, or the energy out of control, he managed to unite everything into a solution, in a single word: Wisdom.


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