Fantasy story about a bogatyr Strongman

In a certain country there lived a hero. His name was Strongman-Silach. He was very strong and spent his strength only on good deeds. He was in the service of a king who lived in his castle on a high mountain. This king was always giving all kinds of tasks to this bogatyr. Because he was evil and all the time he wanted to get rid of the Strongman. He always set one condition: if the King did not do the task he would be put to death.


One day he gave him a task to go to the steppe and to kill the wicked old man Nos, who was stealing food and money from people. And, as always, he gave him this condition: if he does not do the task, the King will execute him.


So the hero set off on his journey. He walked and walked and stumbled into the woods. There, robbers attacked him and tied him up. But then they explained to him that they were good. Their ataman was a good Cossack Fedya. He ordered them to untie the bogatyr and asked the bogatyr where he was going. Bogatyr told him everything. Fedya told him that the villain Nos was also hurting them and that he had come to them more than once. And then he said to the bogatyr:


- Your king is a villain. Don't trust him.

 He promised to execute me if I don't do his task.


And they went together to look for the villain Nose.


In the meantime, the villain, Nose, is working his magic. And Fedya and Silach are looking for him, but can't find him. Suddenly the stones fell on them!


The King found out about it - his servants followed the Silencer and told him everything. And the King said to his servants:


- Bring me the crown, servants. I myself am the Lionheart. We're going to judge this cursed strongman and his friend Fedya. Isn't it time to execute them? No, I'd rather wait until they've completed their task.


In the meantime rocks fell on Silach and Fedya. Silach saw that Fedya was completely covered with stones and that he could be killed. Then Silachi picked up the stones and threw them away. He saved his friend, but old man Nos ran away in terror.


The friends went on their way. Suddenly they saw that the forest was on fire. They immediately ran to put it out. They put out the fire and extinguished it.


Fedya took out his balalaika and began to sing different songs. Suddenly they heard a noise. The strongman looked and saw a landslide. They realized that they could go no further. Suddenly water started to flow from somewhere. The friends began to walk away. That's all the villain Nose did to them.


How's the king doing? He's got nothing but trouble on his mind. He told his servants:

 "I'll wait a few more hours, and then I'll go to war on the bogatyr!


Meanwhile, the friends are running away from the water. The water has almost caught up with them. But Fedya took out his balalaika and began to sing:


- Tratta-tatta-tatta, the trouble will pass, the trouble will pass!


The strongman struck a mountain of stones, the mountain collapsed, and the water flowed away. They went on. The strongman thought, "Strange, why was the landslide in this particular place?" And it was in fact the villain Nose had blocked their way to him. But the friends came to him. He saw them and immediately ran away. But they caught up with him anyway. The villain tells them:


- Run away quickly: I will kill you with magic, I will kill you with magic, and I will denounce you!


But the bogatyr rushed upon the villain and cut him down.


Fedya and Silach come to the king. He tells them:


- Time's up. That's it, I'll execute him!


The strongman says to him:


- We defeated the villain, we didn't mess with the Cossack.


But the Cossack replied:


- Liar! I'm going to execute you! Come on, servants, take your places! And execute them quickly!


The servants rushed at the bogatyr, but Fedya took out his balalaika and sang:


-Tratta-tratta, get out, gentlemen!


And Fedya swept away all the servants with his balalaika.


- Wait!" cried the King - "Now you, Silach, will listen to me every day and do my tasks!


But Fedya said to Silach:


- You'll never be lost with me.


And together they began to serve the king.

The warrior Silach began to carry out the King's tasks together with his friend Cossack Fedya. The king, as always, wanted to get rid of them. One day he gave them this task: to find a mysterious bridge that no one has ever managed to cut. It was the one-legged fiend who had ruined this bridge. The strongman had to kill the villain and bring the pieces of the broken bridge to the king, otherwise the king promised to beat Fedya to death with a whip.


So they went in search of the bridge and the villain. They went into the steppes. They searched for a very long time, but found the bridge. The one-legged villain says to them:


- What have you forgotten from me?


- We need pieces of your bridge. We'll cut down the bridge, we'll cut you down.


- All right, if you cut down my bridge, you'll have the top. And if you don't cut down my bridge, you, a bogatyr, will give me your sword.


And the bogatyr began to chop the bridge. He chopped and chopped, but he could not cut it.


Meanwhile, the king ordered his servants to watch the strongman and Fedya. And he said to them:


- Check if they're looking for the bridge or if they're idling. If they are idling, I'll whip that damned Fedka!


And the servants went to look for them.


And all the while the bogatyr chops and chops down the bridge. The bridge breaks, but then grows back. The villain tells him:

- When you give me your sword, you will stop fighting. And then I will take your kingdom!


Evening came. The villain demanded his sword, but Fedya said:


-Not yet.


The villain said:


-Okay. I'll give you one more chance. But if you don't cut down the bridge, this time give me the sword.


Chop, chop, chop the bridge, but again not to cut it down. Meanwhile the king's servants are watching him from behind the tree. The servants came to the king. The king says to them:


-What are they doing?


-The servants are idling.


- They're loafing! Then I'll whip that Fedya! And a surprise for the hero - put him in the dungeon!


And all the while the bogatyr was chopping the bridge. But the bridge was overgrown and overgrown.


- I can't go on." said the Strongman.


The villain had already gone to bed. He said to Silach:


-"I'll give you one more chance. Chop the bridge till morning, and I'll sleep.


And all night long the bogatyr chopped the bridge.


In the morning the villain woke up and said:


- That's it, I'm awake, time's up. Show me your work: did you cut down the bridge or not?


-No. -I didn't have time to cut down the bridge. Too much power in it.


- That's it, give me the sword!


But then Fedya looked menacingly at the villain and took out his balalaika.


- All right," said the villain, "all right: I will not take your sword. At least take me to your king. I may take your kingdom.


They took the villain to the king. They took him to him. The king says:


- Come back!


And then he saw the villain:


-Who's that with you?


The villain says to the king:




- You rascal! Come on, servants, grab him! My servants saw you loafing about!


The servants rushed on the villain, and the villain killed them! The king says to him:


- You have great power, villain! And now you will see my power!


And then that very bridge appeared. The villain says to the king:


-There's my bridge. You'd better cut down my bridge! Then we'll see how strong you are!


- My strength is great! Here you are! - The king took it and cut the bridge down with one blow.


- You have great strength, says the villain. Now let's see if you used it correctly.


The villain thought the bridge would grow over. He went over the bridge and flew into the abyss! The king says:


- Well? Now do you believe my power is great?


Fedya says to him:


-Tratta-tratta-tratta, what a cursed villain you are!


- Capture that bogatyr, - ordered the king's servants, - and put him in prison! And you, Fedka, I'll beat you with a whip!


The hero rushed at the king and knocked him down.


- You damned bogatyr! You went against me, against the king you serve! Put him in prison!


The servants rushed upon the hero, grabbed him, tied him up and put him in prison.


The King's servants put Silach in prison. He sits in the dungeon and grieves. All hope is left in Fedya. The king says to Silach:


-Well, Silach, you got caught? Now you can't escape from here.


But the King doesn't know that Fedya will never leave Silach. Fedya goes to the dungeon and says to Silach:


- "I'm going to set you free.


But the king heard his words and says:


-You won't free anyone. I'll give you a task. You must do it yourself. And if you don't, I'll execute that damned strongman tomorrow at dawn! And no shield, no cloak, no sword will be left of him.


And the King gave Fedya a task: to go to a mysterious and terrible forest, to find a tree in whose hollow lies gold and silver, and to bring the gold and silver to him. And Fedya set out on his journey. But the king decided to stop him from getting the gold and silver from the hollow. So he sent his evil servant, Karyt-Lyalachin, after Fedya to ruin him.


In the meantime, Fedya goes into the woods, plays the balalaika and sings songs.


The King came to Silach's dungeon and said to Silach:


- "Wait for your misfortune, Silach!


Fedya walks into the woods. Suddenly, owls and crows flew in. They're all waiting for the wicked servant. And Fedya hears someone calling him for help. And then he saw an old man. Asked him:


-Who hurt you, poor old man?


- The damned strongman has hurt me! He hated me from birth!


- What do you mean, the strongman? Don't lie, don't lie. Strongman's a good, good man. And he's my friend. And you, old man, you must be a villain.


- Yes, I'm a villain. You guessed it. I've got you in a trap! I'll trick you to death. And you won't see the Strongman, my friend the King will execute him!


- So that's who's sending villains here, the damned king! He's wanted to kill me and my friend, Strongman, before. And I'm going to take you down in no time!


- I'll kill you quicker for saying that!


But Fedya said:


- Come on, you little bandits, come to me quickly and defeat the villain!


- No one has come to you!


But then all the bandits ran away, beating the villain with their fists. And, embittered at them, the villain went away. Fedya goes into the dark forest and sings a song. As soon as he reached the clearing, the villain jumped to him and pushed him quickly into the big hole!


The king came to Silach's dungeon again and said to Silach:


-"Well, Strongman, your Fedka is in trouble! And I won't come to his aid.


Fedya woke up in the pit. He took out his balalaika and said:


-"Come on, balalaika, help me quickly. Now I'll sing "Tru-Lu-Lu." And he began to sing. But nothing happened. The villain was glad that he could do nothing, but the bandits started singing along with Fedya. And then a miracle happened: Fedya took off like on wings and got out of the pit. He stood on the ground and slapped the villain. He kept walking. He sees a tree. He looked into the hollow and saw gold and silver in the hollow. He pulled out the diamonds and silver and gold. But then the villain ran up to him and began to beat him!


Already evening was approaching. The king came to the Silach again:


- "Tomorrow at dawn it's time to take you out. It's high time to execute you. And remember, when Fedya comes, he won't find you! I'll execute you, and I'll beat him with a lash. Because I didn't do it last time. You didn't! You'll be punished! I hope you'll learn my lesson!


Meanwhile, the villain servant tied Fedya up, put him in a cart and started to take him away. The bandits rushed in and detained the villain. They started to beat him, and he fell down. Fedya woke up and the bandits gave him gold, silver and emeralds because the villain had taken them from him. So Fedya went to Silach. He ordered the bandits to detain the villain.


And there the dawn was coming. The king came to Silach, got the keys and opened the dungeon. He wants to be executed! But Fedya was already hurrying to the kingdom.


"The King must be trying to execute my friend Silach. I think he cheated and took Silach to his execution earlier than he promised!" he thinks. The villain-servant shoved the bandits aside and ran after Fede. The bandits shouted to Fedya that the villain was running after him.


- Goodbye, Fedor!" said the villain.


The villain rushed at Fyodor the Boy, and the latter hit him with a balalaika. The villain fell and rolled down the path. Fedya ran as fast as he could. He ran onto the bridge, the villain got up and ran after him. Fedya had already crossed the bridge, and the villain began to run across the bridge. But he slipped, flew into the water and drowned. But Fedya had already reached the kingdom. But the king's servants stopped him:


- "You're out of the way! We're about to be executed!


"Trouble for Sylach and me!" thought Fedya. And then he said:


-"Run along, gentlemen!


But they started beating him. The little bandits ran in and kicked the bad guys. And they flew down the stairs! And Fedya went into the castle.


-"The time of execution has come!" said the king to the servants. "Bring the scoundrel, bring the cursed one!


They brought in Silach. He said:


-"Did you call me cursed? You're a cursed villain!

But then our boy came. Fedya brought the king gold, silver, and diamonds. The king was aghast. Fedya untied Silach, and he threw himself on the king and began to beat him. One blow, two blows, and the villain fell!


-"I won't serve you any more!" said the Silach - Fedya was right that you were a villain!


And he left with Fedya. The King said after him:


-But my wrath won't be any fun now!


Fedya rescued Szilach from trouble. Silach left the king's service and went off with his friend to wander the world. But the king decided to take revenge on them. He decided to go to war against them. He called his servants and ordered them to prepare an army: armor for him, a thousand men, a thousand horses, cannons and other weapons had to be prepared. And he ordered him to warn the evil Hop-Tyre to prepare his animals: a rabid rhinoceros and a crocodile.


The friends went and saw the man. They began to ask him how to get out of the city, away from the king. And the little man suddenly says:


-I recognize you!


-How did you recognize us?


-I'm a friend of the king, the wicked hop. You've angered the king, he's coming to make war on you! I'm going to bring my two beasts, a rhinoceros and a crocodile, down on you. You'll fight them in the arena!


- I'm not afraid of your beasts!" said Fedya. "I'll beat them with my balalaika! I saved the Strongman from trouble. Without him I'm weak. I can't do without him.


- And I can't do without my friend in a time of trouble, - said Silachi. - But I'll cut down all the villains, and I'll chase the king away! I served him faithfully, but my friend warned me that he was a cursed villain, he hurt all the people!


- And I am a villain. Why didn't you call me?" said the hop.


-We didn't recognize you at first. We didn't know you were killing all the people.


-That's right! You guessed it! We're in trouble!


And they began to run away. And the king is already running to the villain hop.


The friends came out into the clearing.


- Look, Fedya, is that someone's kettle?


-That must be my little bandits having lunch here.


And then they hear the hop's song:


- "Tralalya, tralalya, the damned bandits are in trouble here!


- Who sings that the bandits are in trouble?


It's the wicked hop that's got the bandits in captivity. And they see the king with his army. The king ordered his servants to rush at them. The strongman began to cut the servants down. Fedya helps him. But the servants started beating them. They hit Fedya on the head, and he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he saw the hop.


-Where are we?


-You're in trouble!


And that's when they realized they were tied up. The strongman suddenly felt that he had lost his strength: he could not lift his sword. Fedi had no strength either. It was the villains who had bewitched them. The king came. Fedya said:


-You damned king! You're a damned villain! You wanted to kill Silach and you wanted to kill me!


But he didn't have the strength to kill Silach either. So Fedya decided:


-I'll try "Tratatushki."


And he began to sing his songs. The villains shouted:




But it was too late: the friends regained their strength, they were able to untie themselves and run away. The villains let the dogs loose on them, but the dogs didn't catch up with them.


The friends went into the "Limp" thicket, where the wild animals lived.


-Wild animals live here," said Fedya.


-Be careful!" shouted Sylach to him.


And Fedya saw that the animals - a crocodile and a rhinoceros - were coming toward them. And the hop was already here. The king is with him. The king ordered the animals to kill Silach and Fedya. But Silach has help - the bandits have come. It was Fedya who saved them from captivity when he sang his songs. And Fedya pretended that he and Silach were tied up. He called the bandits for help.


- "You're already untied!" said the hop.


-We're untied already! -Said the king.


- And this is just in case. To make sure you get the most out of the bandits!


And the king ordered the landslide to fall on Fed and Silach. And that villainous landslide came down on the poor people! Hop's animals were on their way, but the rock pressed Szilach's leg, and Fedya became weak. Sylach managed to drop the stone, but he was weak, he could not even lift his sword. So they began to ask the bandits for help. The bandits asked the sun for help. That it should direct its rays at Fedya and Silach. The sun did so. And a miracle happened: the magic stopped working, and Fedya and Silach got power. Hop's animals were about to approach them. And the hop took it and came to his friends, too. He wanted to ruin them himself. Fedya began to tease his animals. The animals got angry, but instead of Fedya, they jumped on Hop and ate him. The strongman jumped on them and cut them down.



And they began to go away. Suddenly they saw the king's army. The king was leading his army toward them. The strongman decided to fight his army, so the king ordered his servants to fight the strongman. The fight began. The Silach cut down the king's army, and Fedya helped him. They fought and fought and fought. And the king did nothing but call the shots. The king's army was stronger and surrounded Fedya and Silach.


The king's army surrounded Fedya and Silach. The king says to Silach:


- Will you join my service?




And the villain's servants began to laugh at Silach. Silach says to them:


- Stop laughing at me!


And they started teasing him. The Silencer got angry and told them to go back to their kingdom. But they wouldn't even listen to him. As a result, the Silacz said that he would now wander the world alone. The king told Silach to never come back to his service again. Then he left with his army. But Fedya also left Silach - because Silach had said that he would wander the world without him because of the villains. And Silachi was left alone.


When the King heard from his servants about this, he was glad at once.


Silachi did not know where he would go without Fedya and decided to return to the king's service. He went to the king and asked his forgiveness for leaving the service. And the king says to him:

-Your Fedya left you. Now you'll serve me!


And Silach began to serve the king as before.


And Fedya grieved all the time without Szilach, singing sad songs all the time. He didn't even go anywhere with the bandits. They always asked him to go somewhere, but he wouldn't go with them.


One day the king got fed up with the Silencer and decided to get rid of him. Decided to execute him. But he didn't do it right away, he decided to give Silach his usual task. He called the Silach. The Silencer came and said:


- What do you want, Your Majesty?


The king told him that he had called him by the wrong name. And then the strongman began to say the same phrase:


-What you please...


And he listed different titles: The Great King, The Best King, The Lionheart, etc. But the king beat him with a whip and said:




-What was right?


-It was all right! I tricked you!


And then the king gave Silach such tasks: to give the blind man a backhand and make fun of him, to fight with someone, to rob someone. And with a stipulation-if he didn't do the task, the king would execute him. And the king added:


-And here's more: go to the woods to the bandits and to Fedka. Kill them all!


But Silach replied:


-I won't do anything!


The king asked him several times:


-What did you say?


The Silach answered him several times:


-It won't happen!


So the king decided to execute him. He ordered the executioner to put him in prison. And he said to Silach:


-Your Fyedka won't help you anymore!


Meanwhile, the robbers went to dinner. Fedya didn't want to go with them. He said:


-You go, while I wonder why Silachi said he would do everything without me.


When the bandits came back, they asked Fedya:


-What's on your mind?


-That's what I thought: it's the king's servants' fault. They were teasing Silach. That's why he said it.


So Fedya went to the kingdom to see Silach.


And the king is already preparing the execution. At dawn he ordered to bring Silach. And the executioner led Silach to the execution.


And Fedya hurries to him. He came to the kingdom and saw that there was a lock on the door. And Fedya realized that the King had decided to execute Silach. Fedya looked for a stick and hummed:




He found the stick, put it in the lock, began to turn it like a key and hummed: -No-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee:




Meanwhile, the strongman managed to take down the hangman and began to run away. The king followed him. He says to the strongman:


-Even if your Fedya has come for you, he won't come in: my servants have hung the lock!


But Fedya opened the lock and went inside.


The king decided to kill Silach and threw his sword at him. The sword flew straight at Silach, but then Fedya came in and covered Silach with himself. The sword hit Fedya and he began to die. The Silach was grieving, but the king was glad. But the Silach rushed at the king with him and fell out the window of the castle. And then thunder rang out. Sylac woke up on the hill where the king's castle was. He saw that Fedya was standing next to him. Fedya told Silach that the king had lost his evil power, that all evil had passed, and that he had come back to life.


And the king was also on the hill. He was walking straight toward Silach. Fedya had time to tell Silach about it. Silach took his sword, ran up to the king, and cut down the villain!


He began to live with Fedya.


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