Fashionable Coats 2021: Spring and Fall Trends

Every time spring and fall come, on the streets of fashionable capitals and in stores we can see a few clearly identifiable trends. But always among these trends we will find the real classics - for example, long woolen coats, double-breasted coats reminiscent of men's coats and camel-colored coats.

In the year 2021 many fashionable coats are ready to stay with us for more than one season, and others, with style and elegance will carry us into the future.

In the spring of 2021 coats in pastel colors, reminiscent of a joyful and carefree time, will be especially pleasing. And in the autumn will warm cozy quilted coats, warm terracotta color and soft wool.

As well as among the main fashion trends, in the world of coats in 2021 and 2022 comfort, practicality and functionality are in the foreground.

However, we will not be bored - fashion designers have created more daring coat models: bright colors, with bright contrasting details, large pockets, shiny buttons, fur collars and even embroidered with sequins.

Trend - Bright Coat

One of the hot fashion trends for the fall-winter 2020-2021 season is bright colorful coats.

We all miss bright colors in the fall and winter. So why not experiment with bright colors when we choose a new coat for fall?

And you can safely choose any color: the one you've always liked, the most fashionable or the one that expresses our mood.

But keep in mind - the hottest color of 2021 is bright green, the color of Generation Z.

Trend - Pastel colored coats.

Of course, coats of gentle pastel shades we always associate with spring. But this year designers decided that it's also good to treat yourself to gentle shades of spring colors and optimistic mood in the fall.

Trend - Terracotta coat

Of course, the coat of camel color will forever remain in our hearts and closets, but this year the designers seem to have found a new favorite.

The color terracotta, so warm, deep and moderately bright, at the same time looks so fresh and "timeless", so it's impossible to resist here.

Trend - Black coat

The black coat is a classic in which glam, rock and minimalism and conceptualism come together.

If in past seasons the most noticeable coats in black were heel-length models, this year they acquired a more wearable length and a classic cut.

Trend - Classic Men's Cut Coat

As fashion constantly goes back to its roots, classic style pieces, especially if borrowed from men, continue to be on the list of fashion must-haves.

Stylight market research has shown increased interest this spring in the classic double-breasted coat model (+ 209%).

And as millions of fashionable women have proven, the double-breasted coat is one of the main and win-win fashion investments.

Trend - Checked Coats.

Another regular on the list of fashionable coat models is the checkered coat. The name does not change, but the cut, style and color variations change every year.

So here pay special attention to the cut. In 2021 it shall be soft and loose, or classic fitted and very feminine.

Trend - layering

If you have already mastered perfectly the art of layering and have long been used to coat with a light down jacket, in 2021 it's time to master the new heights of style. A new stylish device, which I've seen at fashion shows, is to wear a voluminous trench coat, another coat or even a jacket over your coat. It looks spectacular, and most importantly, very warm.

Trend - Red coat

Campari red and the combination of Italian quality and relaxed French elegance is everyday glamour, which we can afford in spring and in the gloomy autumn.

Trend - Leopardopard coat

I think you have already seen that the leopard coat is not always trash and tasteless, but a classic of the female closet.

And the famous brands and talented designers this year reaffirmed the status of the leopard coat as a cult piece.

Trend - Leather coat

The matrix effect seems to be winding down, and already this spring we are seeing a variety of styles and colors return to the world of leather.

Trend - White Coat

Of course, a white coat is not the most practical thing to show up in a closet. But nothing compares to a white coat in its ability to easily create a truly luxurious look.

Trend - Shiny coats

It seems that fashion brands decided that fun parties and open-air in 2021 should be, so they suggest dressing up in coats studded with sequins.

Spring and fall collections are full of leather coats for those who want to sparkle in the daytime.

Trend - Trench.

I can't even remember a season when trench coat was not in fashion. But it is impossible not to notice that even the classic trench coat is constantly changing.

New volumes, dramatic lapels and sleeves, interesting cuts, buttons and contrasting details - Trench 2021 has everything to create a spectacular image.

How to wear a classic trench coat in 2021. In military style with a pair of military boots and leather belt, or with unexpected bright accessories, or as a dress with a pair of


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