Fastest car on the Isle of Man track: Subaru WRX STI

The Subaru brand is known to car enthusiasts all over the world and is regularly represented in various racing competitions. Now we will talk about the Subaru WRX STI sports model, which became the fastest car in the history of the Isle of Man track.
The achievement was established in the course of the TT (Time Attack) competition held on the island. The car was driven by racer Mark Higgins (Great Britain). The total length of the track is 60 kilometers, and it often runs directly on city streets, characterized by their small size.
But even in such conditions the Briton managed to go from start to finish in 17 minutes and 35 seconds. It's not hard to calculate that the car was moving at an average speed of 207 km/h. This is almost two minutes faster than the previous record, which, oddly enough, was also set by Subaru WRX STI in 2014.
The car with which the unique achievement was set is the brainchild of a collaboration between STI (Subaru Tecnica International) and Prodrive. As part of the joint project, the best specialists from both companies were involved in the creation of cars that would take part in racing competitions under the Subaru brand. As is often the case, the resulting vehicle is somewhat different from the production version WRX STI, but the differences are not too striking. Thus, it was decided to finalize the body to improve aerodynamic properties, and reconfigure the suspension and, of course, install racing tires.
In general, Subaru is good at sports cars. The pilots who drive them, regularly occupy places on the podium at various competitions. The concern is not going to rest on its laurels and regularly presents more and more new vehicles, striving to the ideal with all its might. For this reason, even production cars from Subaru sometimes show unique results in test races and are distinguished by increased durability, which is a support for long-term operation.


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