Fate (Story)


 Mrs Rufus is a very famous man,with so many assets she have a wife, and three children. 

 Mr Rufus have a maid who is living with them.though Mr Rufus was famous, his love for young girls was very alarming. Mr Rufus started sleeping with his house maid without his wife knowing. When every body had gone out, he will come  home,just to sleep with the house maid.

 The romance between Mr Rufus and house maid continued, until one day,the maid fell sick, she kept taking MALARIA drug. after much treatment, she decided to go for check up,and she found out she was pregnant. 

 Mr Rufus got to know about the pregnancy, and ordered her to abort it,on which she refused. The maid threatened to tell the wife if nothing is dont about it.but Mr Rufus said the baby must be aborted forcefully. 

 On a certain day,she was seated with Mrs Rufus,trying to let her know her state.but unfutunately for her,Mrs Rufus already knew she was pregnant, but dint know who was responsible for the pregnancy. 

 Mr Rufus went on a business trip,hoping  that when he returned, he will forcefully take her to abort the baby buy before he returned, the wife have driven the maid out of the house simply because she tried saying is oga that is responsible for the pregnancy. Mrs Rufus who trusted her husband so much that she can do anything to protect his image,drove the maid out of the house.

  Mr rufus was  not happy with what the wife did.though he couldn't open up to her why he was angry.

 Mr Rufus search for the maid,and when he found her,threatened her that he will kill her if she tell anyone about the pregnancy since she refused to abort it.then he brought her back home just to silent the truth from people.   

Mr Rufus has started denying the paternity of the baby.and the maid nolonger comfortable with the house.she tauth of going to the police, but on a second tauth, no one will believe her because Mr Rufus is a well known famous man in the community. So she decided to run away from the house,to a very far place where no one can locate or even anyone recognising her.

 When everyone returned home, maid have packed her belongings and left.this left a deep tauth in Mr Rufus mind.

 One day,Mr Rufus went to a burial in a village together with his friends. And on returning, they all had accident, and three of his friends died instantly but him Mr Rufus sustained much injury And was helpless on the main road.no vehicle was passing, and no one was was coming to help take them to the hospital. 

Some minuit later,Sonia (the maid) was returning from the farm,and she saw accident victims on the road,no one is helping, she raised an alarm, and the village people help take the ones that were still breathing to the hospital.

 Though the rest of his friends died due to delay in treatment, Mr Rufus was still breathing but was on coma for many 2 months.Sonia recognised Mr Rufus. On a tauth to abandon him in hospital, but she changed her mind because of her unborn child.so she met with the doctor, who told her Mr Rufus was on coma.

  Month later,he woke up from coma,but couldn't know what had happened or who he was.so Sonia came in,and doctor told her Mr Rufus had memory loss.

 Mr Rufus cant even trace his family, and Sonia gave it a tauth to take Mr Rufus home and they both started living together. 




wait For the next scene. 


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