Father's Day 2019

We know that mother's have main role in child birth and development but we cannot forget that of dads too. After all life moves smoothly when there is balance of father and mother both. When we can celebrate mother's day with full fun let's make a day special for our dads too.

The world will be celebrating Happy Father's day 2019 on June 16,2019 i.e. Sunday.

Well happy Father's day to all the dad's of all living organisms out there.

Well like every day this day also has a history. It was started by an American women Sonora smart Dodd in 1982. She along with her was raised fully by her dad mr.william smart after her mother's death.

So you see, the saying is true " every child needs mother the most, but they need Father's too".

So make this day special for your loving das..load them with hugs and kisses and great food. If possible take or make a gift for them and give them a day off of all works and tensions.

Happy Father's day 2019.


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