Favorite Animals A to Z- A is for Alligator

Hey everyone and, i hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Things are pretty good here. It's a nice summer day in the 80s and i am just watching star trek and drinking a propel water. Trying to think of what to make for dinner. I am new here. So i thought i would start a series of articles about my favorite animals. Animals are something i love and i know a lot about. Mostly from years of watching nat geo. Animal planet and the discovery channel. Also just looking up things online and writing about them. Anyway with out furter ado to kick things off its none other than the Alligator. Alligators along with their crocodile cousins from Africa who are a bit more aggressive and bigger are probably the closest things in the world we have to dinosaurs today. Its believed they and birds have been around since the dinosaurs. So i guess its not to surprising. Alligators can be found in swamp waters in places like Georgia and Florida and can get over 10 feet in length and probably weigh a thousand pounds. I think they eat mostly fish but will eat about anything that gets in the water smaller than them.

Luckily they don't usually bother humans. But its still smart to keep a safe distance they have a very strong bite and can do seriousness damage in addition to being great swimmers a gator can also run pretty fast. As seen on Tv i have seen them run after people. They say if a Alligator is chasing you to run in a zig zag motion because they can only run straight. It also seems that gators love golf courses. So if you wonder where your golf balls went maybe the gator ate them lol.

Alligator moms are great too they hatch eggs kind of like birds i think. Then they guard the nest when the babies are small and can even carry there babies in their mouths with out hurting them. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Once gators are big enough though they are all on their own. But when they are small they are defenceless. So mom must protect them and if you know anything you don't mess with a mom protecting het babies she will do anything to protect them.

Have you ever see a alligator in real life? I dont think i have ever seen one in real life. Except for maybe at a zoo and to be honest. I'm glad we don't have them there. But they are very unique and cool animals. Their skin is also very tough. Kind of like a shield around them. Alligators seem really like tanks with 100s of teeth in closing i hope you like my article and have a great day. I will be back with much more later. My upcoming article will be on Bears one of my very favorite animals if not my favorite of all.


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