Favorite Animals by the letter A to Z. C is for Cats.

Hey everyone and i hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Things are good here. I just got done lifting weights and riding the bike. Now im just drinking a propel and here to continue my series.

With out any further ado in at the letter c is cats. I know there are many kinds of cats i could talk about. But my choice is the regular house cat a truly amazing animal. I have always had one since i was a baby my first cat was a black cat named smokey. But i couldnt pronounce his name. So i called him Pokie. He was awesome cat and my best friend. That cat could kick any dogs butt in town and he caught some of the biggest rats i have ever seen in my life. Another amazing story about him is we couldnt find him when we moved. But he actually found us. I was so happy to have him back and we had him another 6 years.

I have had 3 cats named smokey and i had a very close bond with them all. I think if i had a spirit animal it might be a cat. But i love dogs too. My last cat smokey the 3rd. I miss very much he was like my kid and one day i just woke up and he was gone. I searched for days but never found him it really hurt me because i was supposed to protect him and keep him safe. I know its not my fault. But it sucks. I expected to have him for a lot longer than i did on a good note though.

I at least still have his son Ghost. Ghost is a Siamese cat like his mom and grandma his mom was fluffy and his grandma was pearl i had them all.

Today i have 3 cats Ghost of course then Jasmine one day i saved her she had her claw stuck to a metal chain some how out in a junk pile. But now shes as healthy and fit as ever a great hunter that catches every kind of little animal you can think of.

Last but not least though is Marley. Marley looked like the little kitty in the photo above when he was a baby and i really credit him in a big way healing my broken heart and just giving me that little reason you need to do anything and try to make things better. He's a very nice cat. But also a good hunter and great jumper. You can tell you love something when it gives you joy to just see them eat their food. What else can i say about cats. Oh i just remembered a couple stories one of a cat saving a little kid from a big dog and one of a cat keeping a baby from falling. So dont tell me that a cat isnt mans best friend as much as a dog to me they are angels.


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