FINALLY!! A tablet that uses wifi without a sim or internet connection?!

Blackview, a company best renowned for producing durable electronics, today announced the release of a tablet that doesn't require Wi-Fi or a SIM card to access the internet. The Tab 13 differs slightly from the rest of Blackview's array of robust devices in that it is devoid of any of the company's signature protective covering. However, it stands out for reasons all on its own because of the various internet connection options.Blackview tab 13
The Tab 13 uses SIMO, a service that uses a digital SIM card (also known as an eSIM) to keep devices connected, as opposed to Wi-Fi or other sources of connection. The specifics of how SIMO's Wi-Fi operates without a SIM card, use Wi-Fi and The company's website doesn't make it quite obvious how the Tab 13 connects to SIMO subscribers in more than 135 countries around the world, but it promises a simple and quick process.
The Tab 13 fits in with other Blackview goods as a tablet ideal for travelling even though it doesn't have the same built-in security features as the rest of their offerings. It may be a good option for people searching for a reliable tablet to carry with them on the move because of features like its SIM card-less connection, sizable 7280mAh battery, and easily transportable size. An impressive thing to note about this Android tablet is its bigger battery. Its 7280mAh battery can last for over 30 hours when used moderately. This makes it an ideal tablet for gaming, taking pictures, and streaming 24/7. Having said that, multitasking is never a problem with this tablet. Blackview guarantees that you run several apps simultaneously without encountering crashes and slow-downs.
Blackview tab 13
For a better UI experience, it's powered by DokeOS_P 3.0 from 2.0, which is based on Android 12. Every time you swipe and click, it comes with a smooth response. You will also enjoy having better privacy control using it because of the newest OS system. 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage are also included. The tablet has three cameras, but given the 0.3MP back camera's low resolution, it might as well only have two: an 8MP front-facing selfie camera and a 13MP rear camera, which will certainly handle all the hard lifting for the 0.3MP shooter it's paired with.This tablet has no earphone terminal, and the connection terminal is USB Type-C. The android tablet is available in two colors: Twilight Blue and Space Gray.
While the Tab 13's technical specifications leave much to be desired, it is not intended to be a flagship powerhouse. Instead, it's aimed at travellers who don't want to deal with the hassle of switching SIM cards or finding reliable Wi-Fi connections, thanks to the SIMO features it includes. It's worth noting that in order to use SIMO, device owners must purchase a subscription, but thankfully, plans are relatively inexpensive and far less complicated than navigating multiple SIM cards.
You can purchase the Tab 13 starting today for $150, though you can grab it for $133.99 with Blackview's limited Promotional offering here(opens in new tab).


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