Five incredibly scary horror movies that give you goosebumps when you watch them

1. Reincarnation (127 min / 02:07)


Country: USA


IMDb Rating: 7.3


Genre: horror, drama, detective


Year of release: 2018


The action takes place in a quiet house, which in the blink of an eye turns into the epicenter of inexplicable and creepy events after the death of the main character's mother. Now her family living in the place is threatened...


A good horror film that really gives you goosebumps, scares you with its atmosphere, and does so with almost no screeches or harsh noises.


2. Descent (99 min. / 01:39)


Country: UK, France


IMDb Rating: 7.2


Genre: horror, thriller, adventure


Year of release: 2005


The events describe six friends who decide to go on an extreme journey into a cave. Coincidentally, the exit is blocked, so they have to find another way, but they are not alone in this darkness...


A great chamber horror film with an unpredictable ending and a creepy confined space atmosphere that won't miss an opportunity to scare you.


3. Sinister (110 min. / 01:50)


Country: USA, UK, Canada IMDb Rating: 6.8


Genre: horror, thriller, detective


Year release: 2012


The story is about a writer who moves with his family to a new house where the previous tenants have been murdered. In the attic, the hero finds a box of videos that serve as clues to unravel what happened and the trigger to a new beginning of eerie events...


An unhurried and not overly intense film that has a pretty good detective plot, while still fulfilling the duties of its genre perfectly.


4. The Babadook (93 min. / 01:33)


Country: Australia, Canada


IMDb Rating: 6.8


Genre: horror, drama


Year released: 2014


The plot tells the story of a single mother who lost her husband on the day her son was born. The child is almost seven years old, but he sees monsters everywhere. One day he asks his mother to read a book about a monster that soon comes to life in reality...


Not a bad multifaceted horror with an unbelievable ending, scary both for the life situation the main characters are in and for the canonical creepy monster.


5. Burial Tales (110 min. / 01:50)


Country: USA


IMDb rating: 6.4 Genre: horror, fantasy, comedy


Year of release: 2019


The main character is a girl who gets a job at a funeral home. Here she meets an undertaker, who assures her that every dead person has an interesting story collected by him. The lady asks him to tell her the most terrifying of them all...


A worthy almanac of quality scary stories, seamlessly mixing humor, youth horror, dark horror, and drama.   


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