Flight attendant named the most necessary things in the suitcase

British airline steward Miguel Muñoz named the most necessary things in the travel suitcase. It is reported by The Sun.

The young man explained that he had been flying as a crew member for over six years, and none of his trips was without these items.

For example, Munoz said, he always takes cloth bags with him to pack in his bag. "I put all my clothes in these little bags that I once bought online," he said, and explained that this sorting helps him save travel time and make it easier to choose items for each day.

In addition, the flight attendant said that in his suitcase there is always a mug and several bags of instant coffee. The young man carries such a set with him in case he is late for breakfast at the hotel. He also recommended putting salt, pepper, and a set of bamboo cutlery in his bag.

Earlier in September, an American flight attendant named the most essential things she always takes with her on a flight. First of all, the flight attendant recommended to have a small lock bag with a transparent window to see what items are inside. Another indispensable thing, according to the flight attendant, is a few cleaning wet wipes.



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