Follow these 8 home remedies for vomiting

  1. Taking black salt and black pepper in the juice of 1 lemon stops vomiting.
  2. Due to the increase in heat in the stomach, there is also the problem of vomiting. In such a situation, drinking roasted cumin and rock salt in buttermilk is beneficial very quickly.
  3. Sucking lemons after putting sugar on them is very beneficial in this problem. By sucking it, the food disorder in the stomach ends and vomiting stops.
  4. Giving lemon juice in lukewarm water to a pregnant woman in the morning and evening will be beneficial in vomiting.
  5. Mixing basil juice with honey and giving it to the victim stops vomiting.
  6. Apart from this, drinking lemon mixed with salt and sugar solution is also beneficial.
  7. After roasting gram and eating it after making sattu, vomiting also stops.
  8. Apart from this, keeping a wet bandage of water on the pregnant woman's stomach also stops vomiting.


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