Food You Need To Try When Visiting Cengklik Reservoir

What is one of the important things that you need to do when you are traveling? Having a good meal to eat when you are traveling is important to boost your energy throughout the day and to also improve your travel experience. If you visit Waduk Cengklik, there are several beverages and foods that you need to try.

First, the Spicy Savory Pecel Wader

Pecel Wader is one of the dishes that you have to try when you visit Waduk Cengklik. This dish is very healthy and good for those who are currently on a diet. Pecel Wader is made from boiled vegetables like spinach, carrots, and bean sprouts combined with fried little fish called wader with spicy peanut sauce as the topping. If you feel that you need some carbs, you can have this dish along with the rice. In the Waduk Cengklik area, there are many people who sell pecel wader, and the price for a plate of pecel wader is not that expensive. This dish is one of the famous dishes in Waduk Cengklik and is categorized as a must-try food.

The Crunchy Peanut Cracker (Peyek)

Peyek is a traditional food made from a combination of selected traditional spices. The combination of spices gives peyek a distinctive savory taste, making every bite an unforgettable journey for your tongue. Peyek has a crunchy texture as its main characteristic. With crunchy peanut butter and soft flour, every bite will provide an incredible textural experience. Prepare your taste buds for a crunchy symphony. Peyek has several variants, such as peanuts and shrimp peyek. The price also varies depending on the variation.

Deep-fried fish chips

Fish chips are made using quality, fresh fish caught directly from the reservoir. Carefully selected, the fish are prepared using special techniques to maintain the authenticity of the taste. The frying process using the deep frying technique produces chips with a distinctive crunchy texture, maintains the tenderness of the fish meat, and provides an unmatched brightness of taste. From a thrilling spicy taste to an alluring savory taste, there are many flavors on offer to suit your taste.

A Fresh Ice Coconut

Fresh Young Coconut Ice is a natural drink that not only refreshes your throat but also makes you feel the coolness of tropical nature in every sip. It’s very common to find this kind of drink if you ever visit a tropical country like Indonesia. If you visit Cengklik Reservoir, you need to buy this drink because most of the time the weather there is really hot. The merchant will usually peel off the coconut for you and ask whether you like it with ice and a little bit of sugar or not, but mostly people like to go without sugar because the coconut water itself already tastes sweet.

The great thing about having some food that sold by local merchant is that the price is very affordable but the taste exceptional bacause some merchant are still using traditional technique to cook the food. Traditional way in the making food create a very authentic taste that unforgattable.


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