Foods that directly affect life expectancy were named

If you want to be healthy...

Doctors long ago revealed the secret of a long life: you need to eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle and not to be nervous. The more positive your attitude to life is, the more chances you have to spend it not in agony or grief, but in joy. It turns out that there is an inverse correlation: people who eat food "junk" risk living less than fate intended. Nutritionist Kathryn Zeratsky, observing her patients, compiled a list of foods that can severely shorten the life of a person who does not even have chronic diseases.

Bad Foods

According to the expert, there are five types of foods that negatively affect life expectancy.

Processed meat products (frankfurters, sausages, store-bought dumplings, etc.). According to medical experts, such foods should not be on the menu frequently because they are one of the main causes of early mortality. "One study found a link between regular consumption of processed red meat and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, especially colorectal cancer. Bacon, sausages, hot dogs, ham, and canned meat are full of salt and saturated fat, which also increases the risks from eating them," Zeratsky said. Oil-fried foods. Foods that are too fatty can lead to cardiovascular problems. From excess fats and carcinogens, harmful cholesterol levels skyrocket, leading to an increased risk of blood clots. Sugar-containing foods. An abundance of sugar or sugar substitutes (such as fructose) has never done anyone any good. Excessive sweetness interferes with the natural taste of the product, and increases the risk of worsening diabetes and premature death. Alcohol. Even one glass of wine a day carries a small but still risk of cancer. For example, stomach cancer. In addition, alcoholic beverages can provoke exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases, severe headaches, and even lead to a heart attack. Store-baked goods. For many families, the evening ceases to be enjoyable if there is not something delicious "for tea" on the table. For a traditional tea party, people buy buns, cakes and pies at the nearest bakery. Counting on getting a fresh tasty product, in fact, in most cases customers buy only a relatively edible concentrate of flour, sugar and all kinds of chemical additives, flavorings and flavor enhancers. It is clear that there are no health benefits from them, but the risk of cancer or exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal diseases is very high.


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