For the first time in Germany, they fired at a real target with a new M-Shorad air defense system (photo)

Focus SECTIONS ALL NEWS POLITICS UKRAINE PEACE ECONOMY TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE AUTO LIFE STYLE CULTURE SPORT MATERIALS OPINIONS SPECIALS RATINGS Guaranteed to get a discount -10% MILITARY FOCUS In Germany, for the first time, they shot at a real target with a new M-Shorad air defense complex (photo) October 11, 2021 at 01:03 PM 2 m-shorad shooting Photo: U.S. Army The complex is built on the basis of the Stryker armored personnel carrier, it is armed with four Stinger missiles, two Longbow Hellfire missiles and a 30-mm cannon with a machine gun. The American military from the 5th battalion of the 4th anti-aircraft artillery regiment, which is subordinate to the command of the 10th US Army, conducted fire tests of the M-Shorad short-range air defense system. The shooting took place at the Shimpton-Kazern range in Ansbach, Germany. Army Recognition reports.

The air defense system is based on the Stryker A1 8x8 armored personnel carrier, thanks to which it is sufficiently maneuverable and capable of independently arriving at the designated place.

It is reported that the US military became the first combat unit to test M-Shorad weapons against real air targets. The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate the capabilities of the M-Shorad system. During the firing, a 7.62mm machine gun was fired at ground and air targets. Stinger anti-aircraft missiles were also used. Recall that in Japan, for the first time since World War II, a fighter landed on the deck of an aircraft carrier, until that time the Japanese self-defense forces used only helicopters.



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