For the intestines



Flax seed bean - a simple method of "general cleaning" of the intestines - the solution to many health problems! 


It is known that to get rid of many diseases it is enough to clean the intestines from mucus, fecal stones, parasites. 

During the 70 years of life through the intestines passes 100 tons of food and 40 thousand liters of liquid. The result: in the intestines accumulated more than 15 pounds of stool stones, toxic waste products, poison the blood and cause irreparable harm to our body. 


That the intestines are contaminated indicates frequent constipation, metabolic disorders, diabetes, allergies, overweight or underweight, diseases of the filter organs kidney and liver, hearing and vision, skin hair nails, systemic diseases ranging from arthritis to cancer. 


With the help of enemas, only a small section of the colon (40-50 cm) is cleaned. 

The cleaning of the colon with the help of machines is expensive, time-consuming and disrupts the intestinal microflora. 


By drinking 1-3 dessert spoonfuls of special flax seed meal, you can completely cleanse the large and small intestine from years of mucus and fecal stones, parasites within three weeks. At the same time, the intestinal microflora is completely preserved. 


It is a great way to normalize your intestines. This method helps to quickly normalize weight and burn fat deposits. 


Flax seed cake is able to sorb and remove toxins from the body, reducing blood cholesterol levels. It has a broad antiparasitic spectrum of action, has a devastating effect on many types of helminthes, fungi and viruses. 


Flax has a positive effect on the regulation of lipid metabolism. 


Πoаzations for use: 


Inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, colitis; gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer; diseases of the urinary tract - pyelitis, cystitis, excess body weight, lipid metabolism disorders. 


Effective for daily use as a preventive measure. 


How to use: 


Used as a component in the preparation of dishes with 

Antiparasitic properties 2-3 teaspoons per serving. 


Colon cleansing: 


1 week: 1 dessert spoonful of flour + 100 grams of sour cream or kefir 

Week 2: 2 dessert spoonfuls of flour + 100 grams of sour cream or kefir 

Week 3: 3 dessert spoonfuls of flour + 150 g sour cream or kefir 

If buying flour is a problem, just buy flax seeds at the drugstore and grind them in a coffee grinder! 


Take this mixture instead of breakfast. The large and small intestines are cleaned of mucus and fecal stones, parasites, while the intestinal microflora is completely preserved. 


Sour cream can be replaced with any fermented dairy product. 


Β During the cleansing period it is obligatory to observe the water regime: drink up to 2 liters of water per day


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