Forest Lake

Among the huge variety of natural phenomena in the world of plants and animals around us, the most vivid impression for me was a visit to a small lake at different times of the year. Its location was remembered by the fact that it took a lot of effort to get to it. It is a forest lake hidden behind a wall of a forest.


Unforgettable is the view of the outlines of the reservoir from the very blue of the middle to the clear coastal waters, where with the naked eye you can see how flocks of small fish frolic and splash in the summer. At the bottom, on the smooth, perfect sand, there are many pebbles. In windy weather, light waves in the form of feathers replace one another, moving from one bank to the opposite.


The mirror-like surface of the forest lake, which reflects everything that is both on the ground and in the sky, attracts the eyes at a time when there is not the slightest breath of breeze. If you raise your head up, you can hear the larks pouring in, then dissolving in the blue, then reappearing before your eyes.


The surroundings of the lake are fragrant herbs and flowers. Everything else is, at first glance, an impenetrable forest. In it, thick spruces spread their fluffy, coniferous branches, as if enjoying their splendor. In one place, from the water itself, a narrow path leads deep into the thicket, dodging people in one direction, then in the other. If you look closely, you can see a barely noticeable gap in the distance in the form of a small hole that beckons to itself.


On a winter morning, being on the bright crystal ice is unforgettable. They leave a trace in the soul motionless, like numb trees, the branches of which are shrouded in white fur robes. Their trunks, turning black, flash before the eyes in parallel vertical lines. A winter lake in the forest is an element of a fairy tale, where snowflakes circle during a blizzard, randomly moving in the air. Each blade of grass on its bank is covered with hundreds of iridescent snowflakes. Occasionally, guys from a neighboring village come running to ride on a sled on the untouched ice of a forest lake.


Autumn time brings quite a few memorable landscape paintings all over the place. But this forest corner is just strewn with golden, purple, yellow-green leaves at this time of year. Leaves sway on the water, as if fabulous ships gathered on a magical voyage. And around - the thinned crown of trees, which in some places has already crumbled completely, leaving room for future snow caps.


It may be good that such lakes are located far from people. Let at least some sources remain inaccessible to people, preserving their forest dwellers.


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