Fortnite is the best game in the world

History of Fortnite

The game was announced back in 2011 by Epic Games. The game, created by the author of the famous Unreal Tournament, immediately interested many fans of the studio. The next news about the game appeared only in 2014, the company announced that the game will be free-to-play and its closed alpha version will be available in December. The closed beta appeared as early as 2015 on Apple computers.

Game menu 300x131 - About the game FortniteAnd already in 2017, the game appeared in early access, and any player could download Fortnite, but for a fee. In August, Epic Games confirmed that more than a million people were already playing Fortnite.


Despite the fact, that the game was selling well - the results didn't please the developers of the game, and the company was looking for an opportunity to make the game more popular. Such an opportunity was the creation of Fortnite Battle Royale mode, which made Fortnite the most popular game of 2018.


P.S. The game is still distributed for money, despite the fact that originally it was said that the project will be Free-to-Play.       About gameplay

The location in the game 300x169 - About the game FortniteFortnite is a cooperative sandbox game in the survival genre.

When first starting the game, users are greeted by a character creation editor. In it, the player can assign his character to one of four classes: ninja, builder, alien, commando. Each class has its own characteristics and a certain set of characteristics. For example, the builder is capable of constructing buildings of enormous size, and the class "ninja" is skilled in close combat.

At the beginning of the passage the player is given different weapons. You can use a long-range weapon (shotgun and sniper rifle) and a short-range weapon (knife, katana). Players have the ability to create weapons, as well as customize their own skills.


Example of a fort in the game 300x169 - About the game FortniteThe story lines and modes of the game always delight users with its dynamics and detail of the surrounding world. To survive, you need to build, fortify, collect all sorts of useful resources and, directly, to fight the enemies. The waves of monsters with each approach of darkness all the stronger, so in the daytime it is better to devote yourself wholeheartedly to preparation. To avoid the lack of arsenal, it is better to share responsibilities for its collection with your fellow players.

As mentioned in our article earlier, it is better to prepare in the daytime. Engage in exploration of locations, construction and fortification. In the game you can erect buildings of any type and to any taste. First, find the area where you want to erect a base. Take care of clearing the chosen location and start building. Buildings can be erected from different materials: stone, metal or wood. And if your construction suddenly turns out a little different from the ideal, all the buildings in the game can be corrected.


To gather the necessary resources for construction, you need to destroy the surrounding objects. If your character has gained a certain "yellow ball", it means that you have gained a new level of gathering speed and combat characteristics.Storyline

terrain in fortnite 300x169 - About the game FortniteWe are transported to the not too distant past, where the planet earth is covered by a wave of cataclysms. Cyclones and storms have hit our planet and are wiping out the population of the earth. In addition, a virus has appeared on earth that turns all humans into brainiacs (the local equivalent of zombies). Brainiacs are an evil entity that destroys and infects everything in its path. To survive in these terrible conditions and save the planet from extinction - people unite in groups and together defend against the plague.

Story companies are divided into missions that have a certain level of complexity. The map in the missions is divided into 4 regions, and the game starts each time in a different location.


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