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Q:Will I still have access to items on all platforms and will my achievements be counted there?


A:Yes. As long as your platform accounts are linked to your Epic Games account, all purchases and game achievements will be counted simultaneously on all platforms that support the game.

Important note: If you have completed tasks or unlocked cosmetic items while playing the game with your PlayStation Network or Xbox account, and then try to link it to an Epic Games account that has completed tasks or unlocked cosmetic items, your PlayStation Network or Xbox account information will be overwritten. To prevent this, we recommend that you link your console account to your Epic Games account when you first start playing Fortnite on console.

Q:Can I play in a group with users on other platforms?


A:Yes. If you have linked your iOS and Epic Games accounts, you will be able to play with anyone on all platforms that support the game, as long as they are also running version 13.40. The latest version of Fortnite for iOS, Mac and Google Play remains version 13.40, since Apple and Google have blocked access to updates to Fortnite.


Q:How do I team up with friends who play on other platforms?


  • Tie your platform account to your Epic Games account.
  • Download Fortnite for your device.
  • Add a friend in the Epic Games launcher or in the game itself on your PC/Mac, mobile device, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.
  • Set the Privacy setting to "Everyone" or "Friends.
  • Select "Paired Battles" or "Squad Battles.


Q:Are stats and leaderboards common to all platforms?


A:No. Each platform has its own stats and leaderboards.


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