Fortnite PlayStation Frequently Asked Questions


Q: On which PlayStation consoles is Fortnite available?

: • PlayStation 5

• PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro

Q: Will I be able to play at 120 frames per second on the PlayStation 5?

A: Yes! The PlayStation 5 has 120fps support for Battle Royale and Creative Mode.


To play Battle Royale and Creative Mode on PlayStation 5 at 120fps, open the graphics settings in Fortnite and turn on 120fps. To ensure that the frequency reaches a steady 120 frames per second, the maximum resolution on the PlayStation 5 in this mode is reduced from 4K to 1440p. Shadow and post-processing quality and streaming range are slightly reduced, but options such as volumetric clouds, object contour lighting and high-quality shaders remain enabled.


NOTE : 120fps mode will only appear in the settings if Speed Mode is enabled in the PlayStation 5 settings (Saved Data and Game/Application Settings > Game Presets > Speed Mode). A screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate is required for 120 fps mode to work.


Players who prefer to play at 4K resolution rather than 120fps should make sure Speed Mode is not enabled in the PlayStation 5 console settings.

Q: Do I need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Fortnite?

A: No, PlayStation Plus is not required to play Fortnite on PlayStation.


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