Fortnite's Frequently Asked Questions Battle of the Storm



Q:On what platforms can I play Battle of the Storm?


  •  PlayStation 5
  •   PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S
  • Xbox One / Xbox One X / Xbox One S
  • PCS

Apple has banned us from releasing games and their updates for the Mac, so we will have to stop supporting the Fortnite "Battle of the Storm" campaign on that platform. As a result, Fortnite "Battle of Storm" is no longer available on the Mac.


Q:If I buy Battle of Storm on PC, can I play this mode on other platforms without having to re-purchase it?


A:Yes! You'll need to link your non-PC accounts to your Epic account.

Q:Can I buy a Founder's set now?


A:No, the Founder's Kits for Battle of the Storm have been withdrawn from sale. However, you can still access Battle of Storms by purchasing the Battle of Storms set from the official website, Fortnite, or your console store.

Q:I'm having trouble purchasing the Battle of the Storm set What should I do?


A:Direct all questions related to your purchase of the Battle of the Storm PC set to support. PlayStation or Xbox users who purchased Battle of the Storm should direct their questions to their platform's support team.


Q:If I buy Battle of Storms on your site, can I play it on my PlayStation and/or Xbox?


A:Yes! In order to access the game on PlayStation and/or Xbox, you must link your PlayStation Network and/or Xbox account to your Epic Games account. 


Q:If I buy the Battle of Storms set on one platform, can I play Battle of Storms on other platforms? Are my items and achievements available on other platforms?


A:Yes. If your platform accounts are linked to an Epic Games account, all purchases and game achievements will be counted simultaneously on all platforms whose accounts are linked.


Q:Will I be able to play Battle of Storms on PC with a controller?


A:Yes! The PC version of the game is compatible with controllers.


Q:Do the B-bucks from Battle of the Storm work in Battle Royale and vice versa?


A:Yes! B-bucks acquired and/or purchased in Battle of Storms or Battle Royale can be freely spent in the other game mode.


Q:What else can I transfer from Battle of the Storms to Battle Royale or vice versa?


A:Between Battle of Storms and Battle Royale, not only B-boxes can be transferred, but also equipment, back decorations, pickaxes, wrappers, emotes, loading screens, emblems, and lobby music (this does not apply to hang gliders and air trails, as they cannot be used in Battle of Storms).

Note: Over the next few months, Battle of Storms will no longer support new cosmetic items from Battle Royale, but existing items will remain in both modes. We'll be sure to let you know when these changes take effect.


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