Foundation for a frame house

Ribbon foundation is the most popular method used for the foundation of private houses. It allows you to transfer weight from the foundation walls to the ground. The construction of this foundation is characterized by the implementation of the flooring and leveling layer, i.e. poor concrete with low compressive strength. Then this layer is poured with concrete. The continuous foundation is made by pouring concrete directly into the base or into the formwork. To increase the tensile strength, they are reinforced with steel rods. Reinforcement, however, is not a mandatory element of a solid foundation. They can be lowered only if the structure of the building is light and the foundation does not require it.



The size of the bench depends on various factors. The main one is the weight of the foundation. It should be wider in proportion to the weight and size of the building. Armored benches are already skeletons without steel rods. Another equally important factor is the quality of the land on which the house is built. If the foundation is not the best, i.e. low quality and insufficient humidity, use higher, stronger and wider ribbon foundations. The foundation of this type should be laid deeper than the freezing range of the terrain, which is from 0.8 to 1.2 meters. These values vary depending on the region of Poland. Benches for a wooden house differ from benches for brick buildings in that they carry less load.


Another way to erect a building is a foundation slab. This solution is used on soils with poor bearing capacity. It will work well with small-sized buildings. This solution is less time-consuming and simpler, since the slab is made for the entire building. On the other hand, solid foundations are created separately for each wall. The board allows you to create a good foundation on soils with poor load-bearing capacity. A stabilizing and drainage layer of gravel or coarse-grained sand is laid and filled with a deck plate, reinforcement is made and the entire frame is concreted. Creating a foundation for a panel-frame house allows you to do it faster. In addition, this type of foundation can be made above the freezing point. The load on the slab is distributed evenly and there is no need to create intermediate foundations.


wooden house

An important stage in the construction of wooden houses is their anchoring, i.e. the correct fastening of the walls to the foundation. Thanks to this, we prevent the displacement, rotation or rupture of the skeleton. Mechanical or chemical anchors must be properly installed, i.e. connect the wooden frame to the foundation from above to protect the structure. They are used for walls erected from scratch and for prefabricated frame structures. Other tools used for anchoring are corners that are attached to the foundation and walls of the structure, or anchor joints in which horizontal arms are attached to the foundation, and vertical ones with holes are attached to the wooden frame.


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