Four apps that allow you to cashout at $6 and under

        If you use the Internet daily, you probably have  seen  ads that claim you can play games on apps and earn hundreds of dollars in just minutes. Don't be fooled! Most of these apps will allow you to collect points, coins or even cash before they slow down or stop your rewards all together when you are near the threshold to cash out. Whether the threshold is $10 or $100, these apps will string you along just so you can watch advertisment and they can collect the ad revenue. Fornutely, there are apps that will reward you for your time and you don't have to wait for eternity to collect you money. These 4 apps below have a threshold of $6 or under and are fun to use.



        Former known as Current, Mode is an app that allows you to listen music for points. You can also download games, complete offers, read news article and complete surveys. It just takes 13,500 points to be able to cash out for $6 reward. You usually receive your cashout within 5 business days. They have other rewards such a Starbucks and Target to name a few.


Attapoll offers you a variety of surveys for various payments. These survey can  be as little as 1 cent or as much $1.66.  Once you reach $3 you can cashout and receive your cash immediately through PayPal. 


          If you like gaming, you will enjoy this app. With just play you can download games that will earn you coins each time you watch an ad during game playing or you can download games that will rewards you coins once you reach a specific level. The coins are convert every 3 hours and if they which threhold of $2, you can cashout through PayPal. Depending of the game you download, there can be a lot of ads and conversion from coins to dollars various on a day to day basis


         Like Current and JustPlay, Gappx has game that you can download to earn coins towards cash. But the really opportunity to earn cash are through their offer. Gappx requires you  to download an app and view it for about 3-5 minutes a day in order to get rewards. Once you reach 5500 (equal to $5) you can cash out. To get the fully reward you will most likely  have to signup for a trial service or make purchase. Proceed with caution when purchases service/products to gain rewards for Gappx. The price of the purchase maybe more than the reward you will receive from the app.

         All of these app are a great way to earn a little extra cash while you have free time on your hands. They are available on the Google Play store (only Attapoll is available on the Apple store).  If you are interested in any of these apps, you can click one of these link below:





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