Four bases of the food culture of the Turkish people

Meat is a major part of Turkish cuisine. Lamb, beef, fish (mostly in coastal areas), and chicken are the mainstays of many of the country's traditional dishes. The nomadic way of life of the Turks for many years and their livelihood through animal husbandry has led to the expansion of the use of meat in Turkish food culture. The history of the food of this country in the Seljuk and Ottoman periods shows us that the evolution of the foods of this country in these two periods was directly related to the evolution of common foods in the court of the sultans.

In these two periods, foods based on meat and wheat flour gradually enter the table of ordinary people with changes. Sometimes the trend has been the opposite. That is, food was first invented by ordinary people and, with the approval of the sultans, was transformed into aristocratic food with some changes. Some of these foods, such as Doner Kebab and Shish Kebab, have even found their way into the food culture of other countries and, in the new era, some foods such as pizza have entered the new Turkish food culture.


In Turkey, your mouth will always be sweet

Turks are very fond of sweets. In almost all parts of the country, you can enjoy delicious local sweets. The familiarity of the Turks during the Ottoman Empire with the local sweets of different regions under their domination has caused the sweets of this country to have a great variety. Baklava (layered pastry dessert), Lokum (Turkish delight), Kadaif (sweet crispy dessert), Kunefe (sweet cheese pastry or dessert), and Sutlach (Turkish milk pudding) are some of the most important sweets in this country, which are often served with tea.


The homeland of yogurt is Turkey 

Another special Turkish dish is yogurt. This is a dairy product with a thick consistency, slightly sour, and easily digestible. This is one of the inventions of the Turks. Even the word yogurt is a completely Turkish word that has found its way into some languages, including English. Buttermilk is one of the yogurt products that have a special place in Turkish food culture.


Tea brings the Turks together

Tea is a popular beverage among the Turkish people. The arrival of tea processing machines in Turkey took place during World War II. The first tea factory was opened in Rize in 1947. Today, tea has become an integral part of Turkish food culture. There is almost no Turk who does not like tea. This useful plant is cultivated in the Karadeniz (Black Sea) region of this country and in addition to domestic consumption, it is also exported outside Turkey. Except for soup, tea in Turkey is served with almost any food. Tea brings the Turks together. The Turks drink tea and discuss daily affairs, politics, economics, and so on. Tea is the main drink of the Turks in friendly gatherings. Friendships begin with drinking tea. In short, without tea, nothing will go well.


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