Four Basic Vegetables in Everyday Brazilian Diet

There are four mainly basic vegetables in Brazilian everyday diet that will be always present in a brazilian table. 


From north to south in Brazil, mark my words, you will always find them, either in poor tables and rich tables. They are: rice, beans, manioc and maiz.


These vegetables compounds the basis of our daily diet and are consumed both in simple preparations and as well as part of other more complexes dishes.


The Versatil Manioc or Cassava 


Manioc or Cassava is a vegetable root that has been consumed by Indigenous people long time before Euroupean people come to our land. By that time it was consumed by Indigenous people boiled in water or in form of beiju (a kind of bread) and farinha (kind of flour).  Portuguese people made some changes and created new dishes to meet their needs once there were no wheat flour to make the bread, cakes, pies and even pastries they were used to.


Nowadays manioc is consumed nationwide, especially in the north and northeast of the country in form of beiju (a dish like  a pancake),  pastries and the famous and delicious manioc cake that I will soom been teaching here in Articly. Other forms of preparation includes bread, soups, and broths. Some love to have or fried as an accompaniment to main dishes. It is also widely consumed in the form of soups and broths.

Beans, Tasting and Nutritious


Alone or in riches combinations, the nutritious and delicious beans is an ailment that is part of our every day Brazilian diet. It can be served simply cooked in water with some kinds of  spices along with rice as an accompaniment, or it can be served as mainly dish. 


The most traditional and representative cultural brazilian dish is the famous feijoada, wich base is the black beans plus cured meats, bacon, sausage and served with farofa (seazoned manioc flour) rice and braised cabbage. feijoada has its origin in Brazil Colony, when afro people developed this dish creatively mixing beans with parts of the pork their masters don’t want to eat.

Rice, basic and indispensable


Rice is along with beans an indispensable dish wich plays and important role in Brazilian diet. 


With rice we can make two of the most famous and traditional brazilian dishes created in colonial times: Arroz de Maria Isabel which is a mixture of rice and carne de sol (sun dried meat) and Baião de Dois a dish made with rice and beans mixed together. 


These two dishes despite to be  typical northeastern dishes  are consumed throughout the country also with some variations from place to place.


The Sweet Corn


Corn is a vegetable that has always been present in our brazilian food culture and is consumed from North to South of Brazilian territory without exception. 


Favorite food among the young and adults, the corn is loved for so many people who just love to eat it cooked or roasted. 


Some delicious dishes and preparations make with corn are couscous, curau, canjica, porridge, icecreams, cakes, popcorns and so on. 


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