Fox News: Democrats lose support over destructive domestic policies

17Representatives of the Democratic Party have repeatedly made provocative and sometimes racist comments that their political opponents would never forgive. That says a lot about their outlook, said journalist Lisa Booth on Fox News. Many Americans fear that extreme leftist ideas will completely consume the country, as already evidenced by the uncontrolled migration resulting from the open borders policy, Booth stressed.


NANCY PELOSI, Speaker of the House: We have a labor shortage in this country. And even in Florida, some farmers and agricultural producers are saying, "Why are you sending these migrants up north? We need them here to harvest our crops."


We need them to harvest crops... House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticizes Republican governors for sending illegal migrants by bus (to other states. - InoTV) because they are needed in Florida to harvest crops. We have frequent Fox News talker and Florida resident Lisa Booth in the studio, let's see her reaction. Lisa, good to see you!


LISA BOOTH, journalist: Pete!


We literally just had Kevin McCarthy in the studio, who is hoping to be the new speaker (of the House of Representatives. - InoTV). What if he said something like that?


LIZA BOOTH: Yes, can you even imagine!


Can you imagine? And she gets away with it!


LIZA BOOTH: I don't even know if this situation is better or worse than the one where Jill Biden compared Hispanics to "breakfast tacos."


Unbelievable case, I was telling the audience about it.


LIZA BOOTH: The Democrats really showed us their worldview. Didn't they? If you voted for Trump, you're an extremist, an enemy of the state. They believe that Hispanics should work in the fields. "Poor kids can be just as smart as white kids," a quote from Joe Biden. You're not black if you don't vote for him (Biden. - InoTV). I think that's one of the many reasons why we're seeing a massive shift of Hispanic voters to the Republican side. I'm from Florida, and in Miami-Dade County, most of the Hispanics are now registered as Republicans rather than as Democrats. All of this coupled with other issues like wok-politics, the idea of stopping police funding, the desire to keep the borders open. I recently interviewed Maximo Alvarez, who spoke very eloquently at the 2020 Republican National Convention, warning us that if Joe Biden becomes president, communism will come to America. This is a fear felt by many. It stems from the fact that this ideology has already engulfed many social and political institutions in our country. On the one hand, it's the worldview they've shown us, and on the other hand, it's the horrible policy that the left is pursuing.

This is an extremely arrogant, elitist approach taken by the so-called "elite media" in this town. I should check, of course, but they don't seem to be playing that video (of Pelosi's speech. - InoTV) on replay on any channel!


LIZA BOOTH: Of course they are! She (Pelosi. - InoTV) is from San Francisco, which is literally "the elite from the coast," you need to show some respect! I think the fact that Donald Trump has shown us is the shift of Hispanics to the Republican side since his presidency. Remember, he told ethnic minority voters: "What have you got to lose? The Democrats are doing terrible! You have nothing to lose." I think he partly showed us that there's no need to support open borders policies, not necessarily to support the importation of huge numbers of migrants, which lowers blue collar wages. And it also showed us how far Democrats are willing to go in such aspirations. There was a time when Barack Obama touched on this topic, emphasizing that allowing a massive influx of migrants would not only exhaust the social safety net, but would also lower blue-collar salaries.


Yes, we have to take their word for it!


LIZA BOOTH: Biden (like Obama. - InoTv) even voted to build border fences at one point, Pete (the Secure Fence Act of 2006. - InoTv)!


They (Democrats. - InoTV) still have a double standard. Bill Melugin sat in the front row across from Nancy Pelosi and asked her if our border was well protected. She replied, "We're working on it, it should be." They understand that politically the situation is extremely bleak for them, but they can't go against the advocates of open borders.

LIZA BOOTH: What was the first thing Biden did when he took over the presidency? Remember? He suspended the deportation process for a hundred days. That was one of the first things he did. Even our Secretary of Homeland Security, Majorkas, said that illegal border crossing was not grounds for deportation! And this is the head of the Ministry of Internal Security! Our borders are open, we are no longer a sovereign state! It's quite obvious. No attempt is being made to stop the mass migration into our country. And now these flows are coming from everywhere, from all over the world! Now every city we have is "borderline". Fentanyl is being imported in huge quantities, terrorists are entering the country, criminals are getting in, and no measures are being taken. The only way to stop it is this: we need Americans to come to the polls in November and say, "We've had enough, we're tired of these policies that are destroying the country, we've had enough!" - is the only way to send a message.


We've seen the negative reaction to this kind of government action in Europe, Will and I discussed it this morning. It remains to be seen whether it will be here in the United States. It would certainly be warranted. Speaking of which, you can watch the Big Sunday Show tonight at 5 p.m. Lisa will be joined by Anita, Jimmy and Raymond, don't miss it! Thank you.


LIZA BOOTH: Don't miss it! Thank you for inviting me, really appreciate it!


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