Fragile but Effective: The COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-18 vaccination efforts are bearing fruit, according to reporters from Good Morning America commenting on COVID-19-related data. According to the data, vaccinated  persons were 15 times less likely to die from COVID-19 related causes than unvaccinated persons. The vaccine and its boosters are thus effective against COVID-19.


However, COVID-19 vaccines lack adaptability or staying power. According to 23 ABC News, an FDA official has stated a fourth shot might be needed this fall. Additionaĺly, a piĺl combating permutations of COVID-19 awaits FDA approval. Given previous two booster shots, the vaçcines can be dubbed ineffective against variants of COVID-19: prior doses always need boosters or follow-ups. One might therefore question whether or not COVID-19 treatment may end. 


While efficacy is a concern, COVID-19 vaccines are effective against the virus. This should help ease fears concerning complications from the vaccine, including an enlarged heart lining, fever, nausea, chills, or death, as the vaccinations are currently one's best effort against COVID-19 and its complications. Similar to a seatbelt in a car, having the vaccine outweighs risk of harm after it. The news should also help ease concerns about the virus being an experimental stopgap measure against the COVID-19 virus and its permutations: the vaccines prevent death, making them a necessity against the virus. The only concern is the failure of one vaccine to forever bar causing fatalities related to COVID-19. If the initial vaccine could cure one of COVID-19, one may question why it does not cure other forms of the virus, too, in one shot. However, unlike measles or mumps, for which vaccinations have existed for years and thus have had time to be revamped, COVID-19 is new, meaning treatments and cures are still in development. One may safely therefore accept news of vaccination-related complaints and complications as a given provided the novelty of the COVID-19 vaccine. 



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FDA Official: Fourth Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine might be needed this fall

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Tyechia Works - Feb 23, 2022, 11:05 PM - Add Reply

How can efficacy of the of vaccine help easy concern of death from taking the vaccine if one of the main purpose of the vaccine is to prevent death from COVID? And the vaccine has never cured any variant of Covid. It's suppose to prevent you from have severe Covid which can lead to hospitalizations or death.

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