New Mode in Free Fire where you can create a village or place



Free Fire, Garena's free game available for Android and iPhone (iOS), will receive the Creation Workshop, in which players will be able to create customized maps according to their needs. The news will arrive in the next update, August 2021, and all players can edit and create their maps, but to play with friends, you need a personalized room card.


The creation workshop offers players a series of elements to create maps, such as terrain tools and different buildings that can be built with infinite resources. Once the creation is finished, it will be possible to choose the modes that will be available on the map, whether it will be exclusive to friends and which items, dangers, blue zone, weapons, and equipment will appear during the game. In addition to the traditional Battle Royale, players can join matches to play other modes like Contra Squad and Big Head.

Free Fire Creation Workshop

Free Fire Creation Workshop

The Free Fire Creation Workshop allows you to freely create content in your creative games. Your matches provide a space where you make the rules, filled with your favorite things and people. Claim a custom room for the new mode and start creating! Invent games with your friends and build the Free Fire of your dreams. Your match, your friends, your stuff and your rules!

The Free Fire Creation Workshop will be one of the players' favorites. Its maps, which will be created by the community itself, it is possible to train skills, challenge opponents, and have fun with friends.


Available items

Some classic and familiar items can be edited in Free Fire's new creative mode, check out some examples:

  • square box
  • cabin
  • guard tower
  • Advanced post
  • House A
  • House B
  • House C
  • Sand Structure
  • Source
  • Cherry Blossom
  • banana tree
  • Long Box
  • Toilet
  • fence
  • Bush
  • Flowers
  • Car

According to information taken from the Free Fire Advanced Server (OB29 version), the Free Fire Creation Workshop is a powerful tool and is limited only by the players' imagination.

Introduction to the Free Fire Creation Workshop. 

The creation workshop is now available Free Fire Advanced Server, which had its subscriptions released as of this Thursday (22) and promises to be present in the August 2021 update.


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