Free Fire Game Review

Free Fire is an action game in which players of up to 50 people fight in a "battle royal" mode, that is, fight among themselves for the right to become the last survivor. The main difference between Free Fire and other games in the royal battle genre is the presence of a system of development of characters and their skills.


The player can choose how to enter the match: alone, in pairs, in threesomes or a squad of four. At the beginning of the match, player-controlled characters without any equipment are on board a plane that flies over the map. The flight route is chosen at random. After landing, players can examine the buildings in search of weapons and equipment that will help them survive and defeat other players. As in other games of the genre, killed players leave their equipment at the place of death.


Every few minutes, the playing area of the map shrinks to a random location, with any player outside the safe zone taking damage that eventually leads to his death and the end of the match for him if he does not make it to the safe zone in time. Also, during the course of the match, a red zone occurs in random areas of the map and is bombarded, endangering the players in that area. On average, a full match lasts no more than 10 minutes


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